Access to School


Access to School

DBS parents are welcome at our school and have many opportunities to be present, including when the school gates are opened at the start and end of each school day. Parents are regularly invited to attend informative meetings or workshops, and to meet with teachers to review their child’s academic progress.

Parents are also welcomed into the school for a variety of special occasions including musical and dramatic performances, sporting events, themed days and parent organised fairs.

School issued ID cards

All members of the school community are required to wear school issued identity cards on a lanyard to access school premises. This extends to parents and those responsible for collecting pupils at the end of the day. New parents, carers or drivers should supply a photograph to the school reception (office) staff and pay a small charge so that a school ID card can be issued.

All visitors without school issued IDs are required to sign in at the reception area and hand in their Qatar ID card; they will be given a visitor’s pass.

It is the responsibility of the whole school community to challenge those that are not wearing an identity pass.

These measures are to ensure the safety of the children in our care.