Our Facilities

The school's purpose built facilities are modern, secure and well suited to support academic and wider learning. In 2014-15, as part of a commitment to continual investment in our facilities, DBS opened:

  • a new Sixth Form Centre;
  • a second gymnasium;
  • a new Primary wing, housing Year 6 and Reception classes.


All Primary and Secondary classrooms are bright and spacious, offering a stimulating working environment to support learning. Classrooms are well resourced with good quality furniture and learning materials, and each is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and / or projector.

Music Rooms

The Music department offers facilities for both Primary and Secondary learners, well equipped with a range of musical instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion. IMac computers are loaded with music software programs such as Sibelius and Logic Pro.

Language Rooms

Languages are taught in specifically allocated Language classrooms where learners can access an excellent range of Language materials to support their learning.

Primary Library

The Primary Library is an attractive and inviting facility that caters for readers from Pre-school to Year 6. Soft seating areas allow children to read in a relaxed and comfortable environment, while other areas facilitate small group or individual work.

Secondary Library

The Secondary Library is a fantastic facility housing the very latest books, magazines and journals. The library offers a number of study areas and quiet reading spaces, as well as the use of desktop computers and WiFi access.

Design Technology Workshops

Our DT workshops are fully equipped with lathes, jigsaw and woodworking tools. In our Graphics studio, we are proud to make use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology and a 3D printer.

Art Rooms

Our Art facilities are spacious and well equipped to allow learners to explore their creativity through many media. Resources include computer-aided design programmes, sewing machines, glass and ceramic kilns, a heat transfer press and batik facilities.

Science Labs

Our Science labs are well resourced to support the Secondary Science curriculum and are fully Health and Safety compliant.

Computer Suites and Mobile Devices

The school supports Secondary learners with dedicated computer suites, equipped with desktop computers and interactive whiteboards. Primary learners have regular access to mobile devices (tablets) in their classrooms.

Sixth Form Centre

To recognise and encourage increased independence and responsibility of young people in Years 12 and 13, DBS offers a dedicated Sixth Form Centre, with its own classrooms, study areas and common room.

Games Pitch and Running Track

Our astro-turf games pitch and surrounding running track is used for games, PE and community matches. It also forms part of the playing area during break and lunch times.

Swimming Pool

Our 20 metre indoor swimming pool is used by all pupils in the Primary school as part of our Physical Education curriculum. The pool is often used for Extra Curricular Activities and we are proud to host inter-school meetings.

Gymnasiums / Indoor Sports Courts

Our two purpose built gymnasiums are well equipped for learners in all Key Stages. We make use of these sports courts during and after school; they play a big role in the large range of Extra Curricular Activities offered at DBS.

Table Tennis Centre

There are 8 table tennis tables and equipment provided in the Centre to allow young people to enjoy table tennis as part of their wider learning.

Fitness Centre

For weight training and aerobic fitness, Secondary learners can access the school's Fitness Centre, equipped with cross trainers, rowing machines, stationary bicycles, weights and training mats.


DBS proudly encourages a range of sports, and is able to do this by offering a variety of games courts: tennis, netball, basketball and volleyball.

Multi Purpose Hall (MPH)

The Multi Purpose Hall is used for Extra Curricular Activities such as dance, trampolining, music and theatrical productions, as well as providing additional indoor space for PE lessons. It has a fully demountable stage and tiered seating, with a professionally designed and equipped light and sound system.


Our Adventure Playground is a fun and secure place for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to interact and engage in physical activity. It provides a shaded outdoor space for our youngest learners.

For older learners, play space is provided by a covered outdoor area with basketball hoops, giant chess and draughts, and playground markings such as 'twister' and hopscotch. The games pitch, running track and courts provide additional play space for ball games and other physical activities.

Nurses' Clinic

The school has an on-site clinic with two qualified nurses who take care of learners' medical needs, administering first aid and medicines, and liaising with parents or other medical professionals as necessary.