Learner Profile


We want learners to grow in relation to the DBS Learner Profile, by striving to be:

  • Inquirers: I want to find out. I am curious to know about everything.
  • Thinkers: I think before I act and talk. I can find solutions for problems.
  • Communicators: I listen to your ideas. I share my views and express my thinking.
  • Knowledgeable: Tell me more. I learn and I share my knowledge with others.
  • Risk-takers: I give it a try. I make an effort. I always attempt new ways of doing things so that I can learn.
  • Principled: I do the right thing. I follow rules and guidelines.
  • Caring: I am a good friend. I care for others and for the place around me.
  • Open-minded: I value other people’s cultures as well as my own. I believe that it’s OK to be different. I respect others’ ideas, suggestions and feedback.
  • Well-balanced: I take care of myself. I eat healthily and stay active. I work, play, and rest. I spend time with friends and with family.
  • Reflective: I think back to remember how I did something well. I try to understand my mistakes and learn from them. I want to understand more about myself and my world.

As an IB World School, DBS is committed to the IB Learner Profile. The DBS Learner Profile is an adaption of the IB Learner Profile, using language that is accessible for younger learners.

The DBS Learner Profile is being introduced throughout the school. In Secondary, for instance, Star of the Week awards are presented to learners who display profile characteristics. In Primary, planning deliberately incorporates chances for learners to develop according to the profile.