All learners at DBS up to Year 11 must wear school uniform. Wearing school uniform can help to achieve equality, reduce the potential for bullying and unite the school community. It is the strongly held view of the school that high standards of dress are important for establishing a purposeful learning environment and for demonstrating personal pride.

Secondary School Uniform Information (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

General Information

The table below is general information for both primary and secondary. However, secondary pupils MUST refer to the link above for uniform particulars.


  • DBS school shirt, blue and white stripes with DBS logo (long or short sleeve)
  • Dark grey loose fitting trousers or dark grey skirt (hem line must fall below the knee)
  • Dark grey Skort (Primary only)
  • DBS school dress, blue and white stripes with DBS logo (Primary only)
  • Navy jumper with DBS logo (Secondary)
  • Red sweatshirt with DBS logo (Primary)
  • White, navy blue or black socks
  • Plain black polished leather shoes (not suede)


  • DBS school shirt, blue and white stripes with DBS logo (long or short sleeve)
  • Dark grey loose fitting trousers
  • Dark grey shorts
  • Navy jumper with DBS logo (Secondary)
  • Red sweatshirt with DBS logo (Primary)
  • White, navy blue or black socks
  • Plain black polished leather shoes (not suede)


  • School grey polo shirt with DBS logo
  • Blue shorts (fall below the knee)
  • Trainers (white or black)
  • White sports socks
  • Primary should have a DBS logo hat
  • No jewellery to be worn

If your child cannot attend in full uniform, due to exceptional circumstances, we ask that you contact the school immediately.

Acceptable shoes for girls

Acceptable shoes for boys

Doha British School do not sell students' uniforms in the school's premises.
ZAKS Trading is available to provide this service for all parents who are interested in purchasing uniforms from ZAKS shops. This transaction is solely between parents and ZAKS Trading and Doha British School shall bear no liability in this matter.

Please visit below link to view ZAKS Trading website and Location Map, phone numbers & store timings.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Young people studying in the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) are expected to wear office attire in black, brown, navy or neutral tones.

For male students this means: a two piece suit with shirt and tie or suit trousers, shirt and Shoes should be formal and leather.

For female students this means: a skirt or trouser suit with a shirt or formal top or skirt or trousers with a shirt or formal top. Skirts should cover the knee when sitting. Shoes should be formal and leather.

It is important that students dress smartly and so to that end the following are not permitted:

  • denim or jean style trouser/skirts
  • tight, low cut, sports or sleeveless t-shirts
  • shorts of any kind
  • cropped trousers
  • tight trousers
  • chinos
  • hoodies

The above list represents a guideline to the meaning of 'office attire'. If in any doubt, the Head of Sixth Form should be consulted on the suitability of dress. Please note that the same dress code applies when students sit examinations.

If students do not follow the Sixth Form dress code they will be issued with a learning reminder from their Form Tutor/Teacher. After an initial reminder, if students fail to adhere to the dress code they will be referred to the Head of Sixth Form.


For safety reasons we ask that jewellery is not worn to school. Watches can be worn. If your child has pierced ears then please make sure that they only wear a single pair of studs in the lower part of the ear. Nail polish is not permitted.


  • Long hair must be neatly tied back for practical subjects e.g. Science, PE and DT.
  • Hair must be of a natural colour only e.g. no extreme colour for highlights, sections or full head dyes.
  • A traditional hair style must be presented e.g. no extreme shaved patterns, extreme difference in side and top cut or mohawk styles.

If you are ever in doubt, please clarify with your Tutor or Progress Leader before getting your hair styled. If a style is deemed not suitable for attendance at DBS then the school will request that hair style is rectified immediately. This may involve shortening and/or restyling of your hair until it complies with the school standards.

Make-up and other cosmetics

Make-up. nail varnish, henna or other cosmetic enhancements are not to be worn/used in school.

If there is any evidence of any of the above then you will be requested by the Tutor or Progress Leader to remove it immediately. Where this is not possible then an internal isolation or immediate collection may be sanctioned.

Please contact your Tutor or Progress Leader if there are any queries relating to any of the expectations.

Mobile Telephones

Primary: Children should not bring mobiles to school. In the event of an emergency the school telephone can be used.

Secondary: If your child has a mobile telephone, it must be switched off during the school day and be kept inside his or her bag at all times. The school will accept no responsibility for loss or theft.


Your child is responsible for their own money which should be in a small purse, clearly labelled with their name. Money sent to school for fees, uniform or trips should be placed in an envelope, clearly marked with name, class and purpose and given either to the class teacher or to office staff upon arrival at school.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is forbidden at school.