Behaviour for Learning


We have the highest expectations of behaviour at DBS. There are clear standards for all members of the school community and they are clearly displayed and referred to on a regular basis. These expectations are expressed in the Code of Conduct and the Behaviour for Learning Policy. Above all, we seek to create an environment where all learners can achieve and make progress. This means that all members of the community should have, and demonstrate, respect for others. We have systems in place to help children and young people to learn from their mistakes. We also recognise those who consistently display appropriate behaviour.


The Primary school use these posters to summarise the rewards for appropraite behaviour and sanctions for inappropriate behaviour. They serve as discussion starters and as reminders for children.


Being kind and respectful, working well in a team, being prepared, focusing on learning, sharing good ideas, asking questions, helping others, showing initiative, thinking about our learning, making excellent progress...


NO pushing, fighting, being rude or unkind, disruptive behaviour, shouting out...


The Secondary school has these posters in every classroom. They remind young people about the rewards and consequences of the choices that they make regarding their behaviour.

Code of Conduct

The DBS School Code is deliberately very simple to follow and it applies to all members of the school community, staff and learners.