Home School Partnership


At DBS we recognise the key influence of parents, care givers and the home environment on learners and their progress. You can promote your child’s learning by supporting their growth with respect to the DBS Learner Profile and by:

Encouraging self-management and independence. Teach your children to be …

  • organised;
  • self-motivated;
  • self-disciplined.

Ensuring that your child arrives at school prepared for the day ahead:

  • well rested;
  • with the necessary equipment and nutrition.

Being interested in what happens at school:

  • Praise your child’s effort and encourage improvement;
  • Talk to children about what and how they are learning;
  • Promote his / her interests.

Providing a variety of life experiences; expose your child to different activities outside school to broaden his/her understanding of the world.

Communicating with the school to develop a partnership that supports your child’s learning:

  • Let the school know about family and personal matters that might affect your child and his / her learning;
  • Attend parent-teacher meetings;
  • Support reading at home and other homework.

Valuing school attendance so that your child can maximise his/her learning throughout the school day and the school year.

Ensure that your child attends school for at least 95% of the required time.

We welcome your involvement with our school and recognise that your support can be offered in different ways. In addition to the suggestions above you could also consider attending school events. Please check our calendar for upcoming opportunities like performances, school fairs, theme days.

Class Mums Friends of DBS

Class Mums and Friends of DBS

There are also opportunities for more direct participation through being involved with the Primary based Class Mums or contributing to the school-wide Friends of DBS.

Parent Reading Programme (Primary)

To improve and develop children’s reading ability and exposure to books we have established a Parent Reading Programme in Reception, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. This is an invaluable programme where parents come to listen to children read on a weekly basis. This helps us to ensure that children are involved in reading activities on a daily basis. A short training session is offered to orientate parents and offer suggestions and guidance. The hours are flexible and once parents are allocated to a teacher they work out a time that suits them both.

To be involved in this rewarding programme please contact either Diane Longmore or James Latham.

If you have other ideas for your involvement with Doha British School, please talk with a member of the School Leadership Team.

Parent Survey

In order to maintain continuous improvement DBS seeks the input of parents in various ways, including through a parent survey. The results of the latest survey, shown below , represent the opinions of 67% of our families (640 out of 951 families). It is a great indication of the views of the whole school community.

Parent Survey Results

Following the compilation of the survey results, a focus group of parents helped our Principal, Terry McGuire, to analyse the results. An open forum of parents was then held. The findings were presented to parents, who then shared their thoughts about them with school leaders. Valuable issues and ideas emerged that are helping to shape school improvement plans and actions.

The parent survey will be an annual undertaking that will enable parents to have a voice in important matters that affect them and their children.