At DBS our Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme is an established part of school life and is offered to all learners from Year 1 through to Year 13. Activities are held from Sunday to Thursday from 2pm to 3pm, while a small number of clubs for our older learners are available from 3pm to 4pm. Our programmes are very well attended, with over 600 learners involved.


Our diverse range of ECAs helps our learners to become more well rounded individuals and give them extra skills that they may not learn during class time.

We offer ECAs in many areas including creative classes such as the cartoon drawing and puppet clubs; subject based activities like the Maths and IPad / tablet clubs; and clubs that offer personal skill development such as the debate club.

Sporting ECAs:

Our ECAs are part of DBS’ commitment to the health, fitness and well being of all of our learners and reinforce skills learnt in curriculum time, whilst additionally providing them with exciting new skills. We offer a wide range of over 20 sporting activities in which our learners may participate.

Sporting ECA programmes are closely linked with DBS’ participation in the Qatar primary and secondary schools sports leagues (QPPSSA and QUESS). There are around 140 fixtures each year in a wide range of sports including cross country, football, rugby and cricket.

Interhouse Competitions:

Our interhouse competitions aim to encourage our learners to use their skills in a competitive environment. We organise a range of both sporting and non-sporting competitions throughout the year for all year groups.

Our sporting competitions include football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis, rounders and hockey. They take place at lunch times on a given week with teams playing to reach the semi finals and finals.

Our non-sporting competitions include talent competitions such as ‘DBS has got talent’ and art competitions like poster designing competitions. Additionally, academic competitions include mental maths, poetry and short story writing.