Letter to Parents



Principal's End of Year Letter

21st June 2017

Dear Parents,


Your child’s end of year academic report will be made available tomorrow. It will show the progress he/she has made throughout the year. If you have any concerns please make an appointment to see the appropriate teacher or Progress Leader. The progress made, whether expected or better than expected, is due to the great efforts of your children supported by parents and guided by some brilliant teachers.


This has been an exceptional year at the school. I think we have surpassed our highest expectations. We are continually improving and we are determined that our improvement will show in the progress of your children. We are proud of our achievements and of the status the school now holds in Qatar and the wider Gulf region. My belief is that we are amongst the elite of all schools in the Gulf and I intend to continue to reinforce that standing.


I conducted a survey of all parents recently. This was fairly extensive with a 67% response from all families. Such a response is a representative sample of the whole school community so I am confident that the findings are a strong reflection of your views. You can see a presentation of the results of the survey here (link) I am very happy with most of your judgements but there are issues that you raise that will be addressed. For me, the most important finding was that almost 90% of you parents are proud that your children attend our school. Let me reiterate: you are proud that your children attend this school. Not just happy that, given the difficulty many people have finding places, you have a place at a good school, but proud that you have a place. This is the greatest accolade any school could achieve. Think what it means: you can rightly boast to your friends that your son or daughter comes here; your children’s self-esteem will be boosted and they will be proud to tell their friends that they come here, and so on. Of course, the pride that you feel is a product of a lot of hard work. I thank all the staff: teachers, administration and support staff, who do such a wonderful job. They are great.


You have heard me many times extolling the virtues of the school. I can substantiate my positive view by reference to the survey findings. Further, I now have more substantive and objective evidence of our high standards. The school has just been through a British School Overseas inspection. This is the most thorough and rigorous of all international schools inspections. I received the judgement of the BSO inspectors on Tuesday afternoon: DBS is an Outstanding school.  The lead inspector, when passing his judgement told me and the Senior Leadership Team that “DBS is amongst the top BSO schools anywhere in the world”. Amazing, brilliant, fantastic. Given there are more than 100 BSO schools across all continents, this is quite a statement. The full BSO report will be published soon and shortly thereafter, it will be posted on the website. This judgement reinforces my assertion that we are one of the top schools in Qatar and the Middle East.


Our core purpose is to ensure that every young person should gain as much from the experience of being at this school as possible. We base this on our belief that every child can, needs and wants to learn. We do everything we can to meet this high aspiration. Our examination results suggest we are achieving our core purpose. But a good educational experience is about much more than academia. Take a look at the review of the year video clip here (link) to enjoy the thrills, spills and other highlights of our fantastic school.


Have a lovely break. I look forward to welcoming you back on the 10th September.


Yours sincerely,

T.F. McGuire