DBS Model United Nations

DBS learners and teachers have been participating for 3 years in a variety of MUN conferences, including THIMUN in 2013 and 2014, and Dukhan English Model School (DESMUN) in 2014.

DBS MUN Executive Team

DBS Model United Nations (MUN) is a growing club, now having regular attendance of about 80 students at our MUN ECA on Sunday’s after school, 1:45-2:30pm in the sixth form common room!

MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Model United Nations is a highly unique experience that a classroom just isn't able to provide. It takes real world problems and issues and shows students how changes can be made. By having students take part in MUN, not only are they exposed to issues that affect both their country, and themselves individually, it shows students that they each have the power and opportunity to voice their opinions and make a change in their community.

Model UN builds confidence and connects. Through Model UN, students are able to meet people who are just as eager to learn and make a change making them expand their network and from lasting friendships with people all over the world. MUN is where the leaders of tomorrow start to make a change. We are very privileged to have the opportunity of having a MUN club here at DBS.

This year, we have appointed a student leadership team in order to encourage the idea of independence and to make the club more student-led. They are currently working very hard in order to ensure that the operation of the club runs smoothly and that all delegates enter their conferences well-prepared and confident. Student leaders and MUN directors have received excellent training for their posts courtesy of the Qatar Leadership Conference (QLC) at the QNCC. On behalf of DBSMUN, we would like to thank the Friends of DBS for their help and encouragement in supporting our attendance at this conference and indeed throughout our MUN journey. (By Alex, MUN President)

DBS MUN President: Alexandra Van Coppenolle, Year 11

My name is Alexandra Van Coppenolle (but feel free to call me Alex) and I will be your president of DBS MUN, this is my second year both at DBS and DBS MUN. MUN has helped us grow into leaders, discover our futures, become confident in ourselves, and form lasting friendships with people from all over the world, and we are very lucky to have the opportunity of participating in such events which we can’t wait to share with you. My main aim as president along with the rest of the leadership team is to make the DBS MUN team grow in number, create better awareness about the benefits of joining MUN, and to ensure that you are all well prepared for the conferences to come. We are always available for your guidance and assistance, and we can’t wait to meet you all!

DBS MUN Vice President: Danna Takriti, Year 13

My name is Danna Takriti, I am an IB student at DBS and the Vice President of DBS MUN. I have just recently joined MUN, and have gone to the THIMUN Qatar 2016 conference - gaining the best experience of my life… Meeting new people from all around the world, debating real world issues, and finally coming to proper solutions through combined resolutions was the most satisfying feeling. I hope to aid in bettering and further developing our MUN team, and hopefully make the experience much better for everyone that comes after me.

DBS MUN Secretary General: Saniya Chadha, Year 12

My name is Saniya Chadha and I am privileged to be the Secretary General of DBS MUN. I am a very outgoing, social person always keen to connect with people from diverse cultures. MUN is just the right forum to meet and exchange ideas on current & global issues with an attempt to make a difference in the world. My role as a Secretary General is to ensure the smooth operation of the conference, provide the required information to the members before, during or after conferences. I will also be responsible for taking minutes of various meetings, paper work related to the General Assembly and handling the Press team. Working alongside a passionate leadership team, I hope that the delegates are left with some wonderful memories and rewarding experiences. We are here to give you the guidance you need; so don’t hesitate to approach us. See you all soon!

Delegate Handbook

DBS MUN 2018