For those interested in the mechanics of building robots, as well as those who want to program them, the Robotics ECA provides an outlet to creatively solve challenges using robots.

The school is well-resourced for this with a dedicated room for the Robotics ECA and over eight Lego MindStorms kits (including the newer EV3 model), each with an educational expansion kit, three iRobot Create robots and six KIPR Link controllers that can be used to create autonomous robots with a wide array of digital and analogue sensors.

The school enters both the National Robotics Olympiad and Botball tournaments each year, allowing students to solve robotics challenges against other schools in the region, and typically fare well. We narrowly missed out going to the World Robotics Olympiad in 2014, having reached the semi-finals stage – we hope to go all the way very soon!

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