The Primary Library

Welcome to the Primary Library

The Primary Library is a bright and welcoming space which is situated in the main reception area.

It is an important part of school life, helping to foster a love of books and of reading for pleasure that we hope will stay with children throughout their lives.

Mary Double

Primary Librarian

Milka Derosche

Library Assistant


Books can be borrowed or renewed during the weekly Library lesson. Primary learners also have the opportunity to change or renew their books three times a day:

  • 7.10
  • 8.30
  • during lunch break

Books are issued for one week, but if a child needs a book for longer than this the book can be renewed. Reminders about overdue books are sent out regularly to both classes and individual borrowers.

Support for learners

Every class in the Primary school has a regular weekly library session, during which books can be borrowed and returned. The Librarian is always ready to give advice and help in choosing books, although we believe that it is important that children have freedom in their choices.

Learners are also encouraged to write a book review which becomes available for all to read. This encourages them to choose a book that they might not have considered before. In these ways children learn to evaluate books for themselves and so develop their own tastes.

Key Stage 1 children have story time every week where they gather together for the Librarian to read them the story of the week. They are also taught beginning library skills such as how to take care of books.

In Key Stage 2 learners develop further library skills, including how to use the Dewey decimal system for locating non-fiction books and alphabetical organisation for fiction books. Our aim is to develop the skills needed for using libraries and for finding books and information to support inquiry. These skills are further developed in Secondary.


The Primary Library provides books for Primary children and staff, having a large stock of both fiction and non-fiction books suitable for all age groups.

The non-fiction section has books covering most of the topics covered in the curriculum, as well as a wide variety of books of general interest, from poetry to technology, sport, history, pet care and much more. This section is arranged using a simplified version of the internationally recognised Dewey classification system.

The fiction section includes a large number of bright and exciting picture books and early readers, but also aims to appeal to both the keen and the less enthusiastic reader at every stage. There is an excellent selection of great books by authors old and new, from Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott to Jeremy Strong and Jacqueline Wilson. This section is arranged in alphabetical order, according to the author’s surname.

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

The Library uses the Oliver library management system for issuing library books. There is an online searchable catalogue (OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue ) of all library resources. This system can be used to identify gaps and trends in borrowing and to keep a record of which books learners have borrowed.

We welcome suggestions for additions to the library, and, finances permitting will do our best to acquire the most frequently requested books.