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Chamindika Edirisinghe

Pre-School Lilac Class Teacher

I joined DBS as a Teaching Assistant in year 1 in 2011. Currently I work as the Pre-School Lilac Class Teacher. My goal is to continue growing as a professional to give the children at DBS the best possible learning experiences that will help them develop and get not only for Pre-School but for life. It is my purpose to make each day a great day for every child. This is what makes my job so rewarding.

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BTEC Level 3 National Award: Children’s care, Learning & Development, Certificate Course in Professional Growth for Pre-school Teachers

Joanne Mainka

Pre-School Silver Class Teacher

I came to Doha from the UK just over 3 years ago. I have taught at a well respected British nursery school in Doha for the last 2.5 years. I really enjoy teaching in the early years foundation stage and find my job very rewarding. My aim is to give the children at DBS enjoyable learning experiences and to have fun whilst learning. 

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FPC, CACHE Level 2 Education & Childcare, Jolly Phonics Certificate Course, SEN Certificate Course

Pravani Pullian

Pre-School Green Class Teacher

I am a South African teacher who has 11 years experience in Primary education. I began my career in Durban, teaching English, Natural Sciences, Literacy, and Library and Media Sciences. My tenure at Doha British School began with my acceptance of the role of a one-on-one learning support educator in Pre-School. This experience revealed my affinity for teaching this year group and I then went on to become a class teacher of Pre-School in 2014.

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BA Hons, Media and Communication, PGCE

Samsia Islam

Pre-School Yellow Class Teacher

Prior to DBS, I was employed at Mary Ward Centre, an adult education centre in London. I also have experience of working in higher education from my temporary work at London Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan University). 

I have long years of experience working in an educational environment dealing with students, tutors and individuals from the general public and outside organisations.

I have been a Teaching Assistant at DBS for the past 3 years and I am grateful and excited for the trust that has been given to me to take on the Pre-School class teacher post.


BA (Hons) Business Studies, A Level Information Technology (GNVQ Advanced Business Studies)

Wathsala Aluthge

Pre-School Red Class Teacher

I became a Teaching Assistant at DBS in 2009. I worked with children in Year 1 for 4 years. I became a Pre-School Class Teacher in 2014. One of the most rewarding things about being in Pre-School is seeing the children grow and develop through the early years. The 3 to 4 year olds are my favourite age group. I enjoy every single day working with the children. I feel really content and at home in my Pre-School Red classroom.

Diploma in Montessori Pre-School and Primary Method , BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Certificate

Beverley Rainbow

Reception Purple Class Teacher

I began working in schools in England in a catering role, later qualifying as a Teaching Assistant and from there took the leap to become a primary school teacher. I went on to study at the University of Brighton where I was able to gain experience across the key stages, in both city and rural schools. I enjoy working with children as every day is different and, throughout my experiences, also very rewarding. I am looking forward to the opportunities and new experiences at DBS which will contribute to my professional development.

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BA Hons, Primary Education with QTS

Carol Kelly

Reception Orange Class Teacher

Originally from Ireland, I moved to England to study Early Years and Education in which I obtained a 1st class BA Honours degree. I then completed my PGCE in Early Years Education and since then I have had the great privilege of being Reception class teacher for two years.

I have a real passion for Early Years and I thoroughly love working with children. Every day they make me smile and laugh and, impress me with their enthusiasm for learning. I strive to ensure that a child's first year in school is full of exciting, real- life learning opportunities that enables them to make great progress.

Promoting a love of learning and treating each child as an individual is a key principle of mine and I am excited to share this with your children when I join the DBS team in 2017.

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BA (Hons) Early Years and Education, PGCE Early Years Education

Nikki Skye

Reception Gold Class Teacher

I have four years of teaching experience in the United States, Turkey and Qatar, where I have taught English Language Arts, English as a Second Language and kindergarten. In my most recent position in Qatar, I taught in a British curriculum international school, working with a student body of young learners from the Arab region and South East Asia. I am excited and grateful for the experience of helping my learners develop, in their formative years, the language and interpersonal skills necessary for life and future study.

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Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Masters of Arts in Teaching, TEFL Certification

Rebecca Hawkins

Reception Turquoise Class Teacher

I am currently in my second year teaching at DBS. I previously taught for 8 years in South Wales. My main role as a teacher is to plan effectively and to carry out activities in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage that stimulate and engage young learners.

BA Hons, Early Years Education

Rhian Jones

Reception Blue Class Teacher

Since completing my PGCE I have many years experience teaching at various primary schools within Early Years and KS1 in South Wales. I aim to see the children grow in a holistic environment. One that encourages, supports and challenges each individual where necessary. I believe in the development of the whole child and their happiness is vital. I have found my passion for teaching within Early Years and find it rewarding to see the children grow and develop rapidly at this young age. I am very much looking forward to being part of the team at DBS in 2016.

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Aisha Sarwar

Year 1B Class Teacher

I have two years teaching experience in an inner city school in London. I have been a Reception teacher for two years and have experience across Key Stage 1 and 2.

I love teaching and am driven by a desire to make a difference. I am excited for my first year at DBS for an opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures as well as helping me grow in my profession.

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BA Hons Primary Teaching

Erin Sinclair

Year 1D Class Teacher

I am currently in my sixth year of teaching and have previously taught in both London and Doha. I have 2 years experience in Key Stage Two, and am now entering my fourth year teaching in Year One. I achieved a BA Hons degree in English with Education in Northern Ireland before moving to Liverpool to complete a Primary PGCE. I am passionate about teaching literacy and enthusing children about reading and writing, especially in the early years of school where children develop key literacy skills. I am Key Stage One Literacy Co-ordinator this year and I am very excited about beginning this role and promoting literacy across the school. 

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KS1 Literacy Coordinator

BA Hons Degree in English, Primary PGCE

Neelam Ghafoor

Year 1E Class Teacher

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015. I gained experience in schools across Manchester in various year groups which helped me develop as a professional. Since graduating I have been teaching a year 3 class in Doha.

I love teaching and find it to be a very rewarding and satisfying career. I am looking forward to starting my first year at DBS and gaining new experiences.

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BA Primary Education with QTS

Rachel Chong

Year 1C Class Teacher

I studied at Brighton University in the UK and graduated in 2013 with a BA Hons in Primary Education. I have since taught Year 1 at a British school for 3 years, as well as teaching Year 4 and a range of other ages in supply teaching. I am passionate about providing a creative curriculum and teaching phonics in the early stages of learning to help young readers.

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BA Hons in Primary Education

Samantha Weed

Year 1A Class Teacher

I started teaching Year 1 at DBS in September 2014, after taking the leap to leave the UK for a new challenge in the Middle East. I also assist in the running of the KS2 school choir as I have a passion for singing - you will often catch me singing in the classroom. I am currently setting up a class blog as a window into our classroom. It helps to keep parents informed of the children’s learning and I hope to see this progress throughout the school year.

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Year 1 Progress Leader

BA Hons, Primary Education with QTS

Catherine Jordan

Year 2A Class Teacher

I taught in London, England until the summer of 2012. During this time I progressed to a leadership role and was Key Stage Leader for both the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1. I obtained my BEd from the University of North London. I am currently in my 15th year of teaching and have had experience across both Key Stages. I will enter my 4th year at DBS in September 2015 where I have had the privilege of teaching Year 2 students.

BEd Hons

Estelle du Toit

Year 2C Class Teacher

I am currently in my 4th year at DBS. I have been a Year 1 and Year 2 teacher throughout this time. As Year 2 Leader, my responsibilities include the general welfare of all the children within the Year Group. I ensure that the National Curriculum is being delivered and play a crucial role in the monitoring of learners’ progress. Parental concerns about their children’s progress and development are referred to me as the point of contact. Other matters such as issues relating to discipline are often also referred to me as Year 2 Leader.

Year 2 Progress Leader


Megan Jones

Year 2D Class Teacher

I am a qualified teacher from the UK and before arriving at DBS I taught in a primary school in London for 2 years, teaching Year 2. In addition to class teaching duties I was also Music coordinator for a year and organised a music and dance week for my school. In 2015 I gained my BA honours degree in Primary Education with QTS. I am a young enthusiastic teacher and I hope I can make a valuable contribution to Year 2 in my first year of teaching at DBS.

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BA Hons Primary Education QTS

Seda Pheby

Year 2E Class Teacher

I started teaching Year 1 at DBS in September 2012. Previous to this I used to teach Year 1 in The English International School in Istanbul. I have managed to share my passion for art through the extra-curricular activities on offer in the school. I have been part of the Art club and have run the model building club. I find it rewarding to see the children creating different structures while they are solving the problems they have been set.

BA Hons, Primary Education with QTS

Shauneen McCarron

Year 2B Class Teacher

Having taught in England for 3 years, this year in DBS, I will be teaching year 2. I am looking forward to sharing my passion of teaching and learning with the children and helping achieve their very best. I believe that children are our best investment and I am excited to take an active role in their education and development in a new and diverse environment. I also love singing – I do this A LOT!!!

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BA (Hons) in Arts, PGCE Primary Education

Hannah Walton

Year 3C Class Teacher

I obtained my BA Hons in Primary Education in Carlisle, England. I started teaching Year 2 at DBS in January 2015, after taking the leap to pursue my passion for teaching in the Middle East. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Doha and look forward to my future at the school.

BA Hons, Primary Education with QTS

Jordan Cassy

Year 3E Class Teacher

I completed my teacher training at the University of Worcester, during which I was able to work with various West Midlands schools. I have had the privilege of teaching in Key Stage 1 and 2 in Herefordshire before moving to Doha this year to teach Year 3. I feel that it is important to have high expectations in the classroom to create the perfect learning environment. I am a keen musician and have previously led various music groups in English schools. I believe that through a creative and exciting curriculum, children are able to enjoy their journey through education.

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Bmus Hons Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music. PGCE Primary Education

Lois Bamber

Year 3A Class Teacher

I taught in the UK until the summer of 2013. I obtained my BEd from Edinburgh University. I am currently in my twentieth year of teaching and have experience across both Key Stage 1 and 2. I am soon to enter my third year at DBS in September where I have had the privilege of teaching Year 3 and 4 students.

BEd Hons

Nadira Rahman

Year 3B Class Teacher

Before joining the team at DBS in 2017, I had been teaching in England for 15 years. This included class teacher roles across Key Stage 2 and varying levels of senior leadership. As well as ensuring that children learn in a safe and nurturing environment, my aim is to provide them with every opportunity for success and to develop them into life-long learners. As Progress Leader for Year 3, it is my responsibility to ensure that all pupils, regardless of background and learning styles, make good or better progress by being part of innovative, exciting yet challenging lessons that create a thirst for knowledge and a desire to succeed. 

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Year 3 Progress Leader

BSc Hons Psychology, Primary Education with QTS

Alex Gabriel

Year 4B Class Teacher

I have been teaching for 4 years now and have been lucky enough to work in England, Egypt and Thailand. I have taught across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and have gained so much invaluable experience from the diverse cultural settings of my previous schools. I believe in making lessons creative and engaging on multiple levels, so as to foster individuality within the students and aid in their complete development. Outside of teaching, I enjoy playing American Football, Judo and Muay Thai Kickboxing, having competed in them nationally and internationally for many years now.  

I am thrilled to be a part of the DBS team in the 2017 academic year and look forward to really getting involved in the wider life of the school.

BA(Hons) Film Studies, PGCE Primary Education

Danielle Wilkinson

Year 4E Class Teacher

I am currently in my fourth year at DBS and have just moved to Year 4, having been a Year 6 teacher for the previous 3 years. I have responsibility for working with the Primary Prefects, House Captains and Student Council. As part of my role within year 6, I organised the four day trip to Dubai, which is an opportunity for children to grow and become more independent.

Year 4 Progress Leader

PGCE, MA Education

Hardeep Kooner

Year 4D Class Teacher

I am a qualified teacher from the UK and prior to arriving at DBS I taught for 11 years in Buckinghamshire. In addition to class teaching duties I was also ICT and PE coordinator for 6 years. Before qualifying as a teacher I spent over a year teaching English in Japan and it was this enjoyable experience which inspired me to embark on a PGCE course. This is my first year at DBS and I hope I can make a valuable contribution to Year 4.

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BSc Business, PGCE

Melissa Matthews

Year 4A Class Teacher

I am a young, enthusiastic and inspirational teacher, who has a vast experience teaching in both the UK and Kuwait. A year ago, I moved to the Middle East, where I have built upon my own expertise in supporting children’s education, gaining a wider understanding of different cultures. Now I have moved to Qatar and I am teaching at Doha British School, which I am extremely excited about. Whilst I enjoy all aspects of teaching, I particularly enjoy teaching English writing, maths, art and sports. As a passionate teacher, I like to keep my lessons creative and fun, tailored to the individual needs of the children within my class enabling them to achieve their full potential. I believe that every child has the ability to achieve both academically and socially in a nurturing, supportive and active learning environment.

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Stephanie Gould

Year 4C Class Teacher

Before training to become a teacher I worked with special needs children in Wales. Following my passion to work with children I obtained my PGCE at Bath Spa University. Once graduated, I moved to Kuwait where I completed my NQT year teaching a Year 3 class. This is my first year teaching at DBS, I am excited get stuck into school life whilst supporting, motivating and encouraging children to do their best. I look forward to exploring Qatar and more of the Middle East.

Primary PGCE

Barry Egan

Year 5C Class Teacher

Recently qualified in the Republic of Ireland, I am currently teaching a Year 5 class within Key Stage 2 of the Primary department. Having completed a B.A in Media Studies and English, I continued in full time education with a Masters in Legal Science and a Professional Masters in Primary Education. I have a keen interest in ICT, Development & Intercultural Education and Amnesty International. I also enjoy all sports, with a particular interest in G.A.A – an Irish Sports organisation made up of two national games – Gaelic Football and Hurling.

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B.A in Media Studies and English, Masters in Legal Science, Professional Masters in Primary Education

Cheryl Potgieter

Year 5E Class Teacher

I was born in South Africa where I taught for 15 years. My experience as a teacher was further developed when I taught in the USA before coming to Qatar. I have been with DBS since 2008 and taught in Year 5. Through the years I have seen how DBS has developed. In 2013 I started to lead Year 5. My role is to ensure that the national curriculum of England is being delivered and I play a crucial role in the monitoring of pupil progress. I handle parents’ concerns and see to the well-being of all the students in Year 5.

Janet Berg

Year 5B Class Teacher

As a qualified teacher from the UK, I spent many years teaching at various primary schools in England before embarking on my overseas teaching adventure at DBS in 2012. My career to date has seen me teach across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, gaining experience in the entire arena of primary education from Nursery to Year 6, This has enabled me to acquire insight into educational progress from ages 3 to 11. Recently I also gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Practice and became a Member of the British Dyslexia Association.

Cert Ed, PGCE in Advanced Ed Prac

Louise Duff

Year 5D Class Teacher


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Year 5 Progress Leader

Rebecca McDonald

Year 5A Class Teacher

I moved to Doha in August 2016 with my family. Until then I worked in a large primary school in England, teaching a range of year groups from pre-school up to year 4. Before that I taught at a British International School in Shanghai. 

Over the course of my teaching career, I have being a year group leader, humanities co-ordinator and the literacy lead. I have also enjoyed teaching a range of extra-curricular activities.

I have spent my first year in Doha supply teaching for Doha British School and I am now looking forward to taking on a class teacher position once again.

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Ben Cooper

Year 6A Class Teacher

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Chris Hatchman

Year 6E Class Teacher

I completed my degree at Edge Hill University in the North West of England where I worked with a number of schools. I have spent my initial teaching years in an urban school in Manchester and I am extremely excited to begin a new challenge in Qatar. I am looking forward to helping children to achieve their full potential and provide them with memorable learning experiences. I have a passion for music and drama, which I enjoy sharing with children.  

You may email him at

BA (Hons) Primary Mathematics Education with QTS

James Ross

Year 6D Class Teacher

Before teaching at DBS, I was a teacher in the North West of England. My teaching experience so far has covered every year group from Year 1 to 6. Prior to becoming a teacher, I had a number of jobs. I was a baker, garden centre worker, analyst, cadet instructor and military officer. These experiences have given me skills which I find useful and beneficial in teaching.

Laura Sylvester

Year 6B Class Teacher

I have worked in London as a year 5 and then year 6 teacher for over 3 years, and have loved every moment! I am now a year 6 teacher at DBS and am looking forward to living abroad for the first time and working here in Qatar. I strongly believe in creating an environment where all children can flourish and achieve their best potential; my mantra is “Be the very best version of you!” You’ll probably hear me chanting this on a daily basis with a huge smile on my face!

You may email her at

MA Policy Studies in Education, PGCE in Primary Education, BA Business Studies and Law

Matt Cliffe

Year 6C Class Teacher

I have been involved in education for over 20 years: this has included working for the Edinburgh Science Festival organising outreach sessions, developing holiday workshops in museums and educational software to support pupils with special needs. I enjoy exploring topics with my students and finding creative ways for us to learn more about the world we live in. My aim is to create: a sense of wonder and excitement to encourage students to lead their own learning; and a safe and caring environment so they can challenge themselves to produce work they are proud of.

You may email him at

Year 6 Progress Leader

BA Hons Social Science, MSc Sociology, PGCE

Simon Armstrong

Cross Phase Music Teacher

I am extremely passionate about music. Music has been a huge part of my life over the last 10 years. I have been very lucky to have worked as a professional musician, both as a performer but also as an orchestral conductor. This is my first international position and I am extremely happy to be here.

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Asma Al Agha

Arabic Teacher

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Georgia Kenneford

PE Teacher

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Jennifer Kayes

Spanish Teacher

As a linguist with a curious mind, I love to travel and be open to different languages and cultures. Having spent my first three years teaching Secondary Spanish and French, I moved to Madrid. There, I spent three years teaching ESL from ages 3 to 18. I love bringing languages to life and look forward to providing your children with engaging, interactive lessons!
Hasta Pronto!
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BA Hons, PGCE Secondary Spanish with French

Jose Guerola

Spanish Teacher

I am a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, with several years experience in Primary education in UK, working primarily as a Spanish teacher across KS1 and 2. 

Having completed my teacher training in Málaga, Spain, I graduated from Unversidad de Málaga as a Special Needs teacher.

I absolutely love my job teaching a subject I am passionate about, but what I enjoy most is being part of the student’s life. This is my first year at DBS and I hope I can make the difference.

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Katy Leighton

PE Teacher

I have been teaching PE for six years and have a wide range of experience in teaching different age groups and activities. I enjoy sharing my love of sports and games and working with students of all abilities. I aim to create a safe and happy learning environment in which my students feel confident to try new things and strive to improve. I continue to participate in a range of sport myself and want to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities, as I feel passionate about the physical, personal and social values of life-long participation. 

You may email her at

BA (Hons) in PE, Sport and Dance with QTS

Lamia Jelassi

Arabic Teacher

I have been at DBS since 2011. It has been another step in my career that has enhanced my experience in the international system. I currently teach Arabic language for key stage 2. It is a great pleasure to be working with such ambitious colleagues and students in DBS, who encourage the knowledge of many languages belonging to different cultures. Personally, I believe that earth is a series of islands and languages are its bridges.

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Lucy Martin

Music Teacher

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Belen Doncel

Spanish Teacher

I am Spanish national who loves languages and exploring different cultures. For the past seven years, I have taught Spanish and French in England from beginners to A’ level courses, I also enjoy teaching English as another language when possible. During my lessons at DBS I do my best to inspire pupils to be curious and engage discovering with what the Spanish culture and its language has to offer. In the past I have worked as a Tourism, Leisure and Transport Technician, International Human Resources Specialist and achieved a first class degree in applied languages before training to become a teacher. I am someone who has made the most of all the opportunities provided by pursuing the study and use of foreign languages. I like students to sound as natural as possible when they speak Spanish. I am keen in investigating alternative ways of developing pupil confidence and spontaneity around speaking foreign languages, through debating and drama. I love water sports, nature, singing, drama and having fun.

You may email her at

BA in Applied Languages (First Class Honours), PGCE in MFL

Mary Double

Primary Librarian

You may email her at

Michael Capone

PE Teacher

I graduated from the University of Exeter in July 2013 with a PGCE in Physical Education and a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Since then, I have taught Physical Education in both the UK and Australia.

I am excited to be taking on the role of Primary Physical Education teacher at DBS and look forward to ensuring every student demonstrates clear progression in a respectful, positive and engaging learning environment. I believe high quality Physical Education lessons provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to take risks whilst developing confidence and thoughtful decision making, promoting life-long learning.

Although I have enjoyed playing a good standard of football, I love to teach a varied range of sports and physical activities. It is my hope, that through a broad range of activities, students will find a sport or activity that will help them live a healthier lifestyle that has remarkable social and character building benefits.

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BSc Exercise & Sports Sciences, PGCE Physical Education

Rasha Haragy

Arabic Teacher

Since September 2005, I have been working as an Arabic and Islamic teacher at DBS for KS1 and KS2. During this time I have gained a lot of experience both in school and outside school. Whereby I have attended workshops to improve and enhance my teaching skills. My goal is to enable the Arabic students to develop their knowledge of the Arabic Language and deepen their awareness of the Islamic Faith.

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Seham Hussein

Arabic Teacher

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Alison Kuit


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Gemma Gillett

Learning Support Assistant

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Julia Moody

EAL Coordinator

I am Canadian with the majority of my life having been spent on Canada’s beautiful West Coast. I recently graduated with my Master of Education degree with a specialization in teaching English as an additional language from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada. I have experience teaching English both in Canada and abroad, namely in Spain and Cambodia. I am passionate about helping children gain crucial English language skills in fun, exciting ways. 

You may email her at

Master of Education specializing in Teaching EAL

Julia Zinyoro

Learning Support Assistant

You may email her at

Lysette Goodwin

Learning Support Assistant

You may email her at

Marion Mitchell

Learning Support Assistant

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Sue McGuire

Assistant Head: Learning Support

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Alexis Canchela

Pre-School Silver Teaching Assistant

Rashidat Oyekan

Pre-School Lilac Teaching Assistant

Dolores Legaspi

Pre-School Yellow Teaching Assistant

Florisita Perias

Pre-School Green Teaching Assistant

Linda Eduava - Sam

Pre-School Yellow Teaching Assistant

Mary Jane Clima

Pre-School Silver Teaching Assistant

Mary Shatara

Pre-School Red Teaching Assistant

Milena Marques

Pre-School Red Teaching Assistant

Nivin Hazin

Pre-School Green Teaching Assistant

Sylvia Mercer

Pre-School Lilac Teaching Assistant

Fatima Hallani

Reception Blue Teaching Assistant

Emma Rickards

Reception Purple Teaching Assistant

Nicola Aitken

Reception Orange Teaching Assistant

Sunniya Aftab

Reception Turquoise Teaching Assistant

Elsa Cutad

PS Lilac Teaching Assistant

Hannah Brown

Library Assistant

Tahira Abdulghaffar

Arabic Teaching Assistant

Maja Predovan

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Chaula Patel

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Desigee Moonsamy

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Shukriya Vamanjoor

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Laila Saleh

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Maria Calaguian

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Saiqa Ali

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Tess Soliveres

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mona Ismail

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Anuradha Jayasinghe

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Tereece Rosas

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Svetlana Gorbunova

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Heide Cases

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Lori Giron

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Hala Abdelkhaleck

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Milka Derosche

Teaching Assistant

You may email her at