Reports and Parent Meetings


Parent-Teacher Meetings and Reports

At DBS, we start the year with a parent information evening. This event communicates general information about the Primary school and our expectations. It is also an opportunity to meet with your child’s new class teacher. Further parent consultations are scheduled at the start of term 2 and term 3. These are important times to reflect on children’s reports and to discuss progress in their learning, targets for the term and suggestions about how to support and extend learning at home.

Addition parent workshops may also be scheduled to showcase various aspects of learning such as phonics, writing or reading.

Reports on children’s progress and parent-teacher consultations are organised to work in conjunction with each other. Reports are produced at the end of each term. At the end of terms 1 and 2, short reports are given that provide information about where children are in their learning, along with their end of year targets. At the end of the final term a comprehensive report is produced for parents detailing children’s learning, social and behavioural development.