School Routines


School times

Pre-School and Reception: 7.10 to 12.45

In Early Years Foundation Stage (Pre-School and Reception) the school day begins at 7.10 and lasts until 12.45. A crèche facility is available from 12.45 to 1.30 for learners who have siblings in Key Stage 1 or above. Parents will take their children to their classroom at the beginning of the day and collect them from there at the end of the day.

Key Stage 1: 7.10 to 1.30

In Key Stages 1 parents should take their children to the gym at 6.45am where they will line up in their classes ready to be taken to their classrooms at 7am.

Key Stage 2: 7.10 to 1.30

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) parents drop their children off in the main playground at the start of the day. The whistle blows at 7.05 signaling all learners to line up in their allocated area. Parents collect their children from their designated areas of the shaded playground at 1.30.

Primary children who attend Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) are collected from school at 3.00.


In years when Ramadan occurs during term time, the school will operate shorter hours. The canteen will be closed and different arrangements will apply for the consumption of food and drink. These will be communicated to families.

Children who are not collected on time are taken to the Primary Library, where they are signed in and supervised until they are collected and signed out. Parents of children who are habitually late in picking up their children will receive a polite reminder that school ends at 1.30.

What to bring from home

All Primary learners are to bring the following essentials to school every day:

  • A healthy snack, packed lunch and refillable water bottle.
  • A hat to wear for outside play, the Primary School has a ‘No Hat No Play’ policy.
  • A back pack to carry school books and folders. Please note that we do not encourage wheelie bags as they can be dangerous in the corridors.
  • School reading books and reading record book.

Physical Education (PE) clothing

  • School PE kit, consisting of shorts, polo shirt, hat and sports shoes, must be brought to school on the two days scheduled for PE each week. Children in Key Stage 1 can wear their PE kits on the allocated days.
  • Swimming clothing consists of a one piece swimming costume for girls and swimming shorts for boys, swimming cap, goggles and a towel. Parents will be advised when their child has swimming scheduled.


One library session a week is scheduled for each class. Children can choose a book to take home. Library books must be returned to the library on the day of the scheduled sessions and can be renewed if required.

The Canteen

The canteen at DBS is a purpose built building and seats 125 students. It is used for breakfast club, break times and lunch times by students from Key Stage 1 and above. Students in Key Stage 1 bring their own food to school and eat it in the canteen area.

The catering is provided by outside services who prepare fresh food daily including a variety of healthy, hot and cold snacks and meals.

  • Students in KS2 and above can purchase food from the canteen.

Breakfast club

Breakfast club runs from Sunday to Thursday from 6.30 to 7.00. Supervision is provided by teaching assistants who organise activities such as drawing and colouring for the children to do once they have finished eating their breakfast. Food can be bought at the canteen. Parents must go to the administration office to sign their children into the club. There is a charge per term, payable at the Finance Office.

Special days

Every year the Primary school celebrates a number of important occasions, many of which include an opportunity to dress up. These include:

  • Term 1
    • Qatar National Day: Learners are asked to wear Qatari national colours or clothing as a mark of respect.
    • Everybody Writes Week: Learners dress in a costume according to a theme.
  • Term 2
    • World Book Day: Learners (and teachers) come to school dressed as their favourite book character.
    • International Day: Everyone in school dresses in national colours or in clothing that represents their nationality.

Other special days include:

  • Sports Day is held in the week surrounding National Sports Day, generally in Term 1. Children wear a t-shirt in their house colour.
  • Occasionally charity days are held during which students are invited to wear a particular colour associated with the charity or come dressed out of school uniform. They make a small donation to the charity.
  • Science Day may be held, with students dressing in white clothing to associate with working in a laboratory.

Learners also celebrate their learning and connection to a Creative Curriculum theme by dressing up at the end of a unit. Class teachers will notify parents about such days.