Reports and Parent Meetings


Reports and Parent Meetings

Parent - Teacher Meetings

Academic review is a parent – teacher evening, where parents meet with the Form Tutor rather than with subject teachers. It is easier for the parents to gain an holistic view of their child’s progress by meeting with the Form Tutor. Traditional parents’ evenings often mean that many teachers cannot be visited in the time allowed.

Academic reviews take place twice a year for Key Stage 3 and once for Year 10. Year 10 also has a subject based parents’ evening.

Parents can still meet with their child’s subject teacher. The Form Tutor will arrange this if it is requested by either the child’s parent or the subject teacher.

Years 11, 12 and 13 have two traditional parents’ evening per year.

All of our parent – teacher meetings are designed to strengthen the relationship between school and home.


DBS’ reports to parents are designed to inform parents about their child’s progress and are intended to help raise learner attainment. Reports are issued three times during each academic year. They indicate the end of Key Stage Target and a rating that indicates whether the learner is making appropriate progress.

Our assessment, recording and tracking and reporting procedures ensure that effort and independent learning are also acknowledged. Doing so ensures that teachers and parents are focused on praising effort and progress rather than just attainment.

Monitoring and tracking learner progress is fundamental to raising standards. Each learner is set a challenging target for the end of the Key Stage based on the predictions from internal and external attainment data. A learner’s progress is then monitored and tracked across time and across subjects using both ‘Assessment for Learning’ and ‘Assessment of Learning’ approaches. These data allow us to monitor whether learners are ‘on target’, ‘ above target’ or ‘below target’. Underperforming learners are identified and necessary interventions are put in place.