Your Child's Teacher


Anthony Zokas

Design Technology Teacher

Year 11 Progress Leader

BEng Hons Management of Manufacturing Systems, PGCE Design and Technolog

Antonia Kalotheou

Design Technology Teacher

Year 8M Form Tutor

BA Hons 3D Design: New Practice, PGCE Design & Technology

Aoife Murtagh

Business and Economics Teacher

Year 13S Form Tutor

PDE, MBs, PDI, BComm

Caroline Rutherford

Mathematics Teacher

Year 12S Form Tutor


Katie Chatterton

English Teacher

Year 13B Form Tutor

MA English Lit., PGCE

Charlotte Bradley

English Teacher

Year 7S Form Tutor

BA Hons Creative Writing & Journalism, PGCE Secondary English

Charlotte Davies

Science Teacher

Year 11M Form Tutor

BSc (Hons) Biology, PGCE Secondary Science

Chris Luke

PE Teacher

Year 8 Progress Leader


David Sordo

Spanish Teacher

Year 9S Form Tutor

BA Hons, PGCE, MA Contemporary History, Med Spanish Second Language

Fiona Luke

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics Subject Leader

BSc Hons, PGCE

Gaber Hamed

Arabic Teacher

BEd, Diploma in Theatre studies and criticism

Ged Farrell

English Teacher

Year 13S Form Tutor

BA Hons, Humanities Dip TEO Dip Education Management

Gina Davies

Science Teacher

Year 12Q Form Tutor

Grace Denny

Mathematics Teacher

Year 7Q Form Tutor

Isthikar Ali

Science Teacher

Year 12D Form Tutor

BSc hons Pharmacology, PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry

Izabela Hulebi

Library Assistant

Jessica Payne

Geography Teacher

Year 7A Form Tutor

BA (Hons) Geography, PGCE Secondary

Julia Moody

EAL Coordinator

Master of Education specializing in Teaching EAL

Justine Kings

English Teacher

Year 10M Form Tutor

BEd Hons, Drama

Katie Dearden

Art Teacher

Year 9B Form Tutor


Katie Moran

French Teacher

Year 7M Form Tutor

BA & BS French and Spanish, Dual Master's in French and Spanish

Kristina Cheffins

Music Teacher

Music and Performing Arts Subject Leader

BMus Hons PGCE

Laura Usher

English Teacher

Year 7 Progress Leader

BA Hons, English Literature and Film Studies, PGCE, English and Drama

Melanie Dabarera

Science Technician

Mohamed Abdellatif

Arabic Teacher

Mylene De Torres

Science Lab Technician

Rhys Jones

Spanish Teacher

Year 9 Progress Leader

Richard Milton

Design Technology and Art Technician

Sara Prince

Careers & Higher Education Guidance Counsellor

Seham Hussein

Arabic Teacher

Shabina Hassan

Secondary Librarian

Shehata Mohammed

Arabic Teacher

Arabic Subject Leader

Sinead Paull

Mathematics Teacher

Year 13M Form Tutor

Stephanie Heath

English Teacher

Year 9Q Form Tutor

Tom Bell

PE Teacher

Physical Education Subject Leader


Yasmeen Akhtar

Mathematics Teacher

Year 8S Form Tutor


Yasmin Yazdani

Science Teacher

Science Subject Leader

BSc. Biology with Industrial Experience, PGCE

Claire Carroll

Art Teacher

Year 8B Form Tutor

BA Textile Design, PGCE Art & Design

Lordina Diassona

Business and Economics Teacher

Year 10 Progress Leader

BSc Hons Business and Information Technology, PGCE

Nick Taylor

Business and Economics Teacher

Year 11S Form Tutor

BA Hons, PGCE, MEd

Nirushan Thanaraj

Computer Science Teacher

Year 9M Form Tutor

BSc Hons Business & Information Technology, PGCE Computer Science

Zakir Khan

Computer Science Teacher

Business and Computer Science Subject Leader

BSc Hons, MA, PGCE

Niall Quinn

Design Technology Teacher

Design Technology and Art Subject Leader

BEd Hons

Kate Moloney

English Teacher

English Subject Leader

BA Hons English Literature, PGCSE Secondary English, PGCSE Teaching of Shakespeare

Richard Murphy

English Teacher

Assistant English SL, Year 13D Form Tutor

BA Hons English Language Studies with English Literature, PGCE with Specialism in English

Anne McNulty

History Teacher

Year 9D Form Tutor

BA Hons Ancient History & Archaeology, PGCE

Lou Gillard

History Teacher

Year 11B Form Tutor

BSc Hons Geography & Business IT, PGCE Geography

Luke Gardner

Geography Teacher

Year 8D Form Tutor

BSc Geology with Paleobiology, PGCE

Sarah Shelton

Humanities Subject Leader

MUN Director

BA (Hons) History, PGCE

William O'Shaughnessy

History Teacher

Year 10D Form Tutor


Jennifer Rowlands

French Teacher

MFL Subject Leader

Elizabeth Winstanley

Mathematics Teacher

Year 13Q Form Tutor

Selina Owusu

Mathematics Teacher

Year 8Q Form Tutor

BSc Mathematics, PGCE Secondary

Shorena Oganesyan

Mathematics Teacher

Year 12B Form Tutor

Higher Ed Diploma (5 Yr Masters): Mathematician/Teacher of Mathematics

Karl Magdeburg

Assistant MFL Subject Leader

Year 10S Form Tutor

BA Hons French Studies, PGCE Modern Foreign Languages

Simon Armstrong

Cross Phase Music Teacher

Year 7B Form Tutor


Abbie Goodson

PE Teacher

Year 10B Form Tutor

BA Physical Education & School Sport, PGCE

Callum Langley

Science Teacher

Year 7D Form Tutor

BSc Physics, PGCE

Emma Bridges

Science Teacher

Assistant Science Subject Leader, Year 11D Form Tutor


Rizza D Salonga

Science Teacher

Year 12M Form Tutor

BS, Secondary Education major in Biology