Welcome to Secondary

Stuart Shelton - Head of Secondary

Stuart Shelton

Head of Secondary

Welcome to the Secondary School section of Doha British School, it’s a great pleasure to be able to introduce you to all it has to offer. This website gives you a first glimpse of DBS, but I very much hope that you will want to come and visit us in person: you will be made very welcome.

DBS is committed to being at the forefront of educational progress in the twenty-first century. Academic excellence is at the centre of all we do here; as well as achieving outstanding results, producing well-rounded global citizens is also extremely important. We offer a wide range and varied programme of extra-curricular activities, as well as excellent pastoral care to support and sustain our pupils throughout their time at DBS and beyond.

Our pupils progress though Key Stage 3 where they follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum. This allows pupils to develop the essential subject skills vital to their success at Key Stage 4 to complete IGCSE or GCSE courses. The teachers at DBS are here to liberate the pupils and help them to process ideas critically as opposed to teaching to pass an exam. After KS4, pupils progress to Key Stage 5 and either the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) or a selection of AS level courses.

These courses are academically demanding and require pupils to apply themselves fully to their courses of study. The IB course develops learners who are open-minded, risk-takers, balanced and reflective, providing an international perspective to their learning and equipping them with the skills to become successful global citizens. From here we support every pupil with their application to a wide range of universities around the world, including the UK, USA and Canada.

Every pupil in all areas of the School has personalised targets determined at the point of entry. Through regular monitoring and tracking of the pupils’ performance a personalised learning portfolio is created that can offer support and provide further challenge if required. A strong partnership is developed between teacher, pupil and home, and excellent communication is maintained through the pupils’ form tutor, progress leader and subject leader.

If after reading this information you require further clarification on any aspect of the Secondary School at DBS please do not hesitate to contact me directly.