Admission Tests


Admission Tests UK

Some UK universities and colleges require you to pass an admissions test as well as standard qualifications, if you are applying for courses in certain subjects. The details for some of these tests are provided below. Other admissions tests may be required which are not listed on this page. Please check the Entry profiles (EP) for your chosen courses on contact your chosen universities and college or check their websites.

Some tests may be taken through Doha British School, please check with the examinations Officer.

BioMedical Admissions Test

For entry to medicine and veterinary schools. This test can be taken through the British Council.

Contact: +974 4425 1888

Register from September. Registrations close end of September. Test offered early November. Results late November.

UK Clinical Aptitude Test

For entry to medical and dental schools. Speak with the Examinations Officer about where this test can be taken. Register from May. Registrations close late September. Tests begin early July. Last test date early October.

The National Admissions Test for Law

For entry to law. This test cannot be repeated within an academic year. Register from early August. Registration closes mid January. Tests run from September to January. Check with Examinations Officer as to where to take the test.

English Literature Admissions Test

For entry to English courses at the University of Oxford.

History Aptitude Test

For entry to modern history and joint honours degrees involving modern history at the University of Oxford.

Modern and Medieval Languages Test (MML)

For entry to modern and medieval languages at the University of Cambridge.

Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP)

For entry to mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA Cambridge)

For entry to computer science, natural sciences, engineering and economics at the University of Cambridge.

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA Oxford), formerly known as the PPE Admissions Test

For entry to philosophy, politics and economics and the economics and management courses at the University of Oxford.

Admissions Tests USA: SAT and ACT

Use to register and pay your fees for the SAT. The majority of applicants for undergraduate study in the US have to sit a standardized admissions exam. These tests are one way in which the US universities will assess your academic potential and are a key part of the admissions criteria.

The three main undergraduate admissions exams are:

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • ACT Test

Some students may also be required to take an English Language Proficiency Exam. If you have completed most of your schooling in an English speaking country, you will not normally be required to take this test but check with individual institutions! has lots of useful information for students with British Qualifications applying to Institutes of Higher Education in the USA. Check the website of each university for details of tests to be taken and the university’s application deadline.


Try to take your first exam by the October test date, leaving you the option to re-sit the exam in November or December if you are not satisfied with your results, or if you need to sit the SAT subject exams in November or December. Register as soon as possible as exam date spaces fill up very quickly and it has previously been known for students to have to travel to Europe to complete their tests.

Summary of Tests:

SAT Reasoning Test (SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test)

  • Lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • Comprises three sections: Critical Reading, Maths and Writing.
  • Is designed to measure critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Is offered several times per year

SAT Subject Tests (administered by College Board in US)

Some universities also require SAT Subject Tests. These are:

  • One hour, multiple choice tests offered in the following subjects: Literature, US and world history, Maths levels 1&2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Chinese with listening, French, French with listening, German, German with listening, Spanish, Spanish with listening, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Japanese with listening and Korean with listening.
  • Designed to measure your knowledge and skills in particular subjects and to test your ability to apply that knowledge.
  • Offered concurrently with the SAT reasoning test and at the same centres.
  • You may sit either the Reasoning Test or up to 3 Subject Tests on one date.

ACT (American College Testing Programme)

The ACT is:

  • A curriculum based exam based around Maths, English, Science and reading.
  • ACT results are accepted by all 4 year colleges and universities in the US.
  • The tests last 2 hours and 55 minutes with an optional 30 minute writing section.
  • Test dates and locations are on the Fulbright website.
  • Students can register and pay the registration fees via
  • There is a possibility American schools in Doha, may offer the test.

Please be aware that Law, Dentistry, Medicine and Vet Science are only available via postgraduate level study and any admission tests will be done after completing an undergraduate degree. There is a list of US universities on which do not require admissions tests.