27th July 2021


The platform to stretch our Most Able students

By Elodie Jugue (Deputy Head of Secondary)


In a world that is forever changing and getting more and more competitive, we, at DBS, want to ensure our students are equipped with the skills, the confidence and the resilience to achieve their goals. This is why we have now designed our long awaited Most Able Programme to enable our high flyers to challenge themselves even more through deep thinking, academic research and by putting them out of their comfort zone.

Outside of lesson time and in parallel with their world class Curriculum, 40 KS3 students have been selected and invited to join our programme and to enter in our ‘Brighten your Thoughts’ competition where our talented students will be presenting their ideas on questions such as  ‘How can we achieve equality in an unequal world?’ or ‘Should healthcare be free?’.

They will be guided, mentored and supported by educators, researchers and IB students through their journey in order to perfect and refine their skills and knowledge before they present it to a jury during a live event where their parents, fellow students and teachers will be invited.

We are incredibly excited about this opportunity which will be for sure a source of great pride and inspiration for our students and hopefully a springboard to cultivate a love for learning and researching.