COVID Safety

Covid School Reopening

Parents are encouraged to explain the arrangements and safety precautions we have in school to their children. This will help them prepare for the things to expect when they come back to school.





Students should wear their normal school uniform each day apart from days when they have PE when they should wear their PE kit instead. We will not be using our changing rooms until the current pandemic is behind us.

Students must bring their own:


  • Stationaries: pens, pencils, and rulers and keep it inside a properly labeled pencil case.
  • Food: healthy snack, lunch and properly labeled water bottle.
  • Hand sanitiser: sanitiser stations can be found everywhere in the school but it helps for everyone to have their own.
  • Face mask: children from Year 1, all staff and parents are required to wear a face mask.



Lockers will not be available and large bags should be kept at home. If students have personal devices, such as smartphones, then they must be kept securely in their pockets all day and not be used at all during school hours (not applicable to Primary school children).

  • Temperature checks: this will take place during morning registration.
  • Ehteraz app: all adults and students over the age of 12 years old must show a green Ehteraz status.
  • Walk straight to the classroom: Students must go straight to their classrooms upon arrival at school where they will be welcomed by their teachers. Only students from Preschool to Year 2 can be accompanied by their parents.
  • Only one parent will be allowed entry inside the campus for a maximum of 10 minutes only.


Designated entry/exit points


Entry to and exit from the school will be staggered and with a designated drop-off /pick-up point.





Only 1 parent is allowed onto the school site and must spend a maximum of 10 minutes here. For children in KS2 (Y3-6), they should enter school premises via their designated entrance.


  • Pre-school and Year 2 will enter and exit through the main gate
  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will enter and exit through the side gate
  • Year 3 & 4 will enter and exit through the back gate
  • Year 5 will enter through the main gate and leave via the back gate





  • Y7 and Y8 will enter and exit via the front entry to the right of the main foyer entrance.
  • Y9, Y10, Y11 will enter and exit from the rear gates.
  • Y12 and Y13 students will enter and exit from the 6th Form main entrance.



6th Form


  • Sixth Form students to enter and exit through the front gates and make their way to the 6th form centre

When the students are inside the school, we will adhere to strict health and safety precautions.


  • Less physical movement: where possible, students will remain in the same classroom and on the same seat all day. Once a seat has been designated then that is where the pupil will sit at all times. The teacher will move around from room to room.
  • No group gatherings: students will not be permitted to gather in groups inside the school premises (including play areas). Collective activities such as assemblies and extra-curricular activities will not take place
  • Directional arrows: when student do move around the school site, directional arrows on the floor indicate that students must keep to the right at all times and direction
  • Hygiene and deep cleaning: in addition to the enhanced routine of cleaning every day and deep cleaning at the weekend, the school will be zoned and each zone will be deep cleaned every hour.



As well as our normal nurse’s station, we will have an additional care area in place where students will be looked after if they fall ill during the school day. If this happens, we will ensure that the correct MoPH procedures are followed in terms of supporting those affected and communicating with families.

You can find all the relevant news, updates and guidelines that DBS has with regard to the school reopening on this page.

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