Our curriculum is underpinned by the ‘DBS Ways’ and embodies our whole school approach to character education, providing a deep and rich experience for all. We strive to offer our students the opportunity to meet and exceed their academic potential as well as equipping them with a growth mindset for learning.


Doha British School is at the cutting edge of the British National Curriculum and is reviewed and refined annually. This allows our students to access a curriculum that is relevant to current events around the world and become more progressive with research and technology. Our KS5 curriculum is relevant to universities globally and prepares students for degree programmes and higher education.


At Doha British School, we promote a curriculum beyond the classroom through offering students a wide range of experiences to develop cultural capital. Subjects provide additional learning contexts including trips, speakers, events and a high performing sports teams. In the classroom we embrace all the opportunities a global community offers to us, enriching our lessons through our differences and similarities that we bring to our DBS community.


At Doha British School our courses are designed to meet the academic, personal and cultural needs of our students and better equip them for future challenges, while at the same time creating enjoyable learning environments that inspire and motivate. We focus on building strong characters who can face challenges in and out of the classroom, and who develop an inner belief in challenging themselves to improve everyday.

Curriculum Overviews

Secondary Curriculum Overviews provide parents with detailed information about the content of each subject studied in each year group. Teachers outline not only what each topic is but also what knowledge, understanding and skills are covered as well as what excellence looks like so that the highest academic standards can be ensured. Curriculum Overviews are updated half-termly in order to keep parents fully informed.