Letter to Parents



Spring Term 2017 ECAs

Dear Parents:

Below are the Spring Term 2017 ECAs' locations:

ECA Locations
Sunday Location
Year 3&4 Swim Squad Pool
Spanish Culture (Years 3-6) E38 - (Spanish Room Miss Kayes)
Monday Session One  
Year 3&4 Mixed Football Football Pitch
Year 5&6 Mixed Basketball Sports Hall
Year 5&6 Mixed Table Tennis Table Tennis Centre
Arts and Crafts (Year 5&6) E37 (Mr Ross's classroom)
Choir (Years 3-6) Miss Martin's Music Room
Arts and Crafts (Year 1&2) Bea Gardners Room - 1C
Spanish Grammar(Years 3-6) E38
Arabic as a 2nd Language E32
Arabic Arts E59 (Miss Rasha's Room)
Gaeilge-Irish E54
Monday Session Two  
Mixed Basketball (Years 3&4) Sports Hall
Mixed Football (Years 5&6) Football Pitch
Girls Netball (5&6) Sports Hall
Mixed Football Year 2 Football Pitch
Just Dance Rebecca Elsworths Class - 1E
Film Review Club (Year 2-4) Melissa's Class - 4A
Arts and Crafts (Year 1&2) Aisha's Class - 1BE8
Stop Motion Animation (Years 2-4) E13
Cartoon Drawing (Years 2&3) Estelle's ClassE14
Arts and Crafts (Year 3&4) E57
Card/Board Games (Years 3&4) E41
Cheer Leading (Years 4-6) E55
Cross Stitch (Years 5&6) E44
Sketching and Drawing (Years 5&6)  
Year 1&2 Paper Craft Victoria Colwells Class - 2D