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DBS Wakra is among the top international schools in Qatar. DBS Wakra has been recognised by British Schools Overseas (BSO) in its November 2021 inspection report as being “an excellent school due to the strong leadership of the principal and the head of primary.” The BSO inspection team noted the following strengths:


  • This is an excellent school due to strong leadership from the principal and the head of primary
  • Creative planning and cross curricular links enable the full curriculum to be relevant and meaningful to all pupils
  • All lessons observed were at least good and in a considerable number the standard was excellent
  • Pupils’ personal development and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at least good in all respects and is exemplary in significant elements at DBS Wakra
  • Behaviour is exemplary at all levels of the school, which is proactively encouraged through high expectations from all staff
  • The school’s leaders articulate and share a clear vision of outstanding teaching and learning at the school

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We are very proud indeed of this week’s secondary stars of the week. ⭐️

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Our outstanding students from 8D are simply fantastic at coding and we are very proud of them indeed.

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We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to have a tour of our school. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to see our facilities, speak to our Senior Leadership Teams and experience our teaching and learning culture. 
To join our school tour, please register at https://www.dohabritishschool.com/wakra/school-tour/

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Year 3 are learning about instruments of the orchestra (percussion family). During the music lesson they were learning how to play "Bounce high'' song using the chime bars. 

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