Choosing Subjects


How do I choose the subjects I want to study?

IB Diploma

A number of factors need to be considered before making subject choices.

  • What do I want to study at university?
  • What subjects do I enjoy?
  • What subjects am I good at?

The IB Diploma allows students to choose subjects from six subject groupings. This means that every student choses one subject from each of the following groups 1 to 6. Three subjects are studied at Higher (H) Level and three at Standard (S) Level for two years. The three Higher Level courses should be in the subjects you enjoy and which support your career aspirations. These are the subjects you will study in depth. The three Standard Level courses will provide you with an interesting, balanced programme. Doha British School offers a wide choice of IB courses.

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

First language / native language

This is your first or best language. The following Literature courses are offered:

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Second language

This is your second language.

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Individual and Societies currently includes:

Group 4: Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics

All students have to take Mathematics and three different courses are offered.

  • Mathematics at Higher Level is for students who have a strong background and ability in mathematics and either want to study Maths at university or need the subject to pursue a degree, e.g. in Physics or Engineering.
  • Mathematics Standard also requires a strong background and ability and is designed to help students who want to study subjects at university with a mathematical content, e.g. Chemistry, Economics, Geography or Business Studies. If you don't need maths in your future studies,
  • Mathematical Studies (SL) will provide you with the skills to apply mathematics to real-life situations.
  • HL and SL: Mathematics

Group 6: Arts and Electives

You can choose to study Music, or the Visual Arts from this group OR you can choose one of the following elective courses: