DBS Staff

Meet our Staff

Our staff are part of the reason why Doha British School is considered an outstanding school. Our Senior Leaders, teachers, assistants, technicians and support staff are highly qualified, experienced and enjoy working together to make the school as engaging and informative as possible for learners.

Robawaz Khan


Felice Kelly

Head of Primary

Shauneen Martina Mac Carron

Assistant Head of Primary

Shehata Mohammed

Assistant Head for Arabic and Islamic Studies

Marcus Thomas

Assistant Head of Secondary

Abby Donnelly

Pre-School Teacher

Laureen Denise Elliot

Primary Classroom Teacher

Megan Jones

Primary Classroom Teacher

Ruairi Mckeever

Primary Classroom Teacher

Terence Anotnio Dias

Primary P.E Teacher

Pedro Luis Caballero Sanchez

Primary Modern Foreign Language Teacher

Asmaa El Farrash

Primary Arabic Teacher

Alberto Rosas

Secondary French Teacher

Paula Lorente Mateo

Secondary Modern Foreign Language Teacher

Andrea Ysabel Quinn

Secondary Music Teacher

Zainab Zahid Yunis

Secondary Maths Teacher

Tom Zachary Kyle Dearden

Secondary English Teacher

Colum Gerard Murphy

Secondary P.E Teacher

Ruth Wachera

Teaching Assistant

Zohra Naqi

Teaching Assistant / Bus Monitor