• Robnawaz Khan
  • Robnawaz Khan
    I am delighted to have joined Doha British School, internationally it is a well renowned school and one that I am now privileged to be associated with.

    The things that attracted me to Doha British School was its strong focus on academic attainment and the reputation of providing an outstanding holistic education. As a parent and educator I very much believe that schooling should be holistic and should provide opportunities for children to excel, not only in the academic aspects, but in the creative Arts, sports and personal and social development. Most of all I want children to develop knowledge and skills that will allow them to lead enriched and happy lives.

    In a constantly changing world, where knowledge is being acquired at an unprecedented rate, what employers and Universities are looking for are not just knowledgeable people but people who are problem solvers and creative thinkers. To help our students get an edge we guarantee that the approach to teaching and learning at the Doha British School will help facilitate the development of these traits.
    At Doha British School, students are stretched and challenged and the school makes no apologies for expecting the highest standards in terms of behaviour, discipline and attitudes towards all members of the school community. The high standards expected means the school offers an exhilarating and inspiring learning environment.

    I am looking forward to welcoming you all to our brand new campus with its state of the art facilities.

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