Careers and Education Guidance

Careers and Education Guidance

Our Careers service is designed to support students in choosing and achieving their future career aspirations. For some of the students the choice will be very straight forward. They will be clear about their career goals from a relatively early age and that will determine at least some of their subject choices. However for many of students that is not the case. A significant number will leave school not being clear about what specific career they wish to pursue. We do not see that as a problem. What we do want is for them to be going to university to pursue a subject about which they care for.


The students are constantly kept informed of events related to university entrance requirements and deadlines. They are encouraged to attend a variety of open days and university fairs. There will be university representative visiting the school during the terms.


Each year group has specific career and education guidance tailored to accommodate the needs of students. Our aim is to ensure our students are aware of all the opportunities available to them and therefore able to make informative decisions about their future.

Sara Saify
Careers Education and Guidance Counsellor

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