Exceptional Standards


“The curriculum is exceptional”


“Outstanding teaching and learning was observed in English, Mathematics, Geography, and Languages.”


“Behaviour is excellent at all levels of the school, which is proactively encouraged through high expectations from all staff.”


BSO Inspection, November 2021


Our vision is to be a vibrant, welcoming international school that provides a first class education enabling young people to thrive within a dynamic global environment.


As part of our strategy towards meeting this vision, we seek accreditation from a number of independent bodies who assess and inspect the quality of teaching and learning and the standards of management and leadership at DBS and provide a formal report on their findings.


These inspections provide assurance to parents that DBS has met exceptional quality standards and any areas of improvement can be highlighted and targeted.

DBS Wakra is among the top international schools in Qatar. DBS Wakra has been recognised by British Schools Overseas (BSO) in its November 2021 inspection report as being “an excellent school due to the strong leadership of the principal and the head of primary.” The BSO inspection team noted the following strengths:




  • Reading is a strength of the school
  • A culture of reading is evident in all areas of the school
  • In key stages 3 & 4, the curriculum is broad and interesting and provides a strong foundation for further learning
  • Creative planning and cross curricular links enable the full curriculum to be relevant and meaningful to all pupils
  • The curriculum is regularly reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of all pupils


Teaching and assessment


  • All lessons observed were at least good and in a considerable number the standard was excellent
  • Teachers in key stage 2 plan engaging and challenging lessons. There are no missed opportunities to learn
  • Excellent routines are in place to ensure there is pace in the lessons. Pupils are fully engaged in their learning and are inquisitive
  • Teachers’ excellent subject knowledge enabled lessons to be adapted quickly based on the needs of the class
  • In key stages 3 and 4 behaviour for learning is excellent. Therefore, pupils make good progress in their lessons and demonstrate significant learning over time

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils


  • Pupils’ personal development and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at least good in all respects and is exemplary in significant elements at DBS Wakra
  • Pupils attitudes to school life and the rich variety of learning opportunities that the school offers both in the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities are exceptionally positive
  • The investment in extra-curricular activities reflects the school’s commitment to the social and cultural development of the pupils
  • Pupil behaviour in lessons, in the corridors, in outdoor recreational spaces and in the immediate vicinity of the school is excellent
  • Reading, a demonstrable strength of the school, transports pupils to diverse cultures and allows them to learn and reflect on the richness of the human experience and the wonders of the physical world around them
  • Pupils’ and parents’ views and regularly consulted through surveys every half-term, demonstrating the school’s accountability to its school community
  • The pupils’ impeccable behaviour and display of personal responsibility throughout the school indicates clearly that they accept the school’s code of behaviour and can distinguish between right and wrong
  • The intensely international and multicultural composition of the school’s pupil and staff population underpins the understanding and celebration of cultural diversity


The welfare, health and safety of the pupils


  • Behaviour is exemplary at all levels of the school, which is proactively encouraged through high expectations from all staff
  • Relationships between all stakeholders in the school are excellent, contributing to safe learning environments
  • The behaviour of pupils is excellent
  • Relationships are excellent throughout the school and pupils feel safe while at school
  • Teachers pay particular attention to pupils’ happiness and wellbeing


The provision of information for parents, carers and others


  • Parents enjoy the British aspect of the school
  • One parent commented, “My child has blossomed here.”


Leadership and management of the school


  • The school’s leaders articulate and share a clear vision of outstanding teaching and learning at the school
  • DBS provides world class education to boys and girls aged 3 – 16 for Pre-school, Primary, and Secondary.


View Complete Report BSO Report November 2021

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