Community Involvement

Friends of DBS

Friends of DBS (FDBS) is a collaborative effort involving parents, teachers, and volunteers dedicated to enhancing our school and fostering greater community involvement. The Friends of DBS committee, chaired by I. Marufi is elected during a general meeting at the commencement of this academic year. This committee receives invaluable support from DBS Wakra’s principal, Mr. Miles, and the Deputy Head of Primary, Mr. Kutts.

FDBS aims to create an engaging and enjoyable environment that brings together students, staff, and parents. We want to ensure that our initiatives appeal to as many people as possible. This month, FDBS is actively working on International Day. Throughout the school year, our dedicated team will oversee a variety of fun-filled events, including the Winter Bazaar and Spring Fair. For more information or to get in touch, you can reach us via

WhatsApp at +971561342146.

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