Careers Mentoring Programme

What you know is what they need

Our careers mentoring programme helps connect our students with experienced professionals who can help guide and direct them through the most important steps of their early careers. Whether they are planning on studying locally or further internationally, the advice and guidance that you are able to offer will make a huge difference. It will help them to elevate themselves and get them off to a flying start in their future. All our mentors receive mentorship and safeguarding training and sessions will follow a structured programme of content and topics to help frame conversations that make the biggest impact.


Become a mentor and help to shape a future.


There will be 3 online sessions that will take place in March and April 2023. We will work with mentors and mentees to agree convenient times and dates.
Each mentoring session will last approximately 50 minutes.
Training will be delivered online and will include safeguarding training alongside an introduction to how the sessions will run.
All mentoring sessions and mentor training will be delivered online. We will also be arranging an in person celebration event at the end of the course to allow mentors and mentees to connect in person.
Yes we will be arranging multiple training sessions for mentors so that everyone can find a suitable time slot.
A mentor will be a source of information, knowledge and guidance. They will follow a carefully structured plan to explore different themes of career development with their mentees.
Sessions will be delivered on Zoom or google meet.
Yes, we host an in person celebration event to allow mentees and mentors to meet. This will be an opportunity to thank everyone for their support and involvement.
Yes, If you feel you have the time to take on more than one student we can arrange for a second mentee.
We will try our best to match mentors and mentees with similar career interests.

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