DBS Staff

Meet our Staff

Our staff are part of the reason why Doha British School is considered an outstanding school. Our Senior Leaders, teachers, assistants, technicians and support staff are highly qualified, experienced and enjoy working together to make the school as engaging and formative as possible for learners.

Steven Miles


Stephen Braithwaite

Head of Primary

Jonathan John Kuttschreuter

Deputy Head of Primary

Jemma Faye Johnston

Assistant Head Teacher- Primary

Shehata Mohammed

Assistant Head: Arabic and Islamic Studies

Jack Alexander Mcguire

Assistant Head Teacher: Curriculum & Academic Outcomes

Eloise Smith

Assistant Head Teacher Whole-School (Academic Support)

Ayan Abdi

Assistant Head Teacher Secondary (Pastoral & Well-being)

Jonathan Kuttschreuter

Deputy Head Of Primary

Nancy Snyman

EYFS Head / Pre School Teacher

Sonique Badenhorst

Preschool Teacher

Eva Kong

Primary Reception Teacher

Rebecca McBride

Primary Classroom Teacher

Diana-Lavinia Niculae

Primary Classroom Teacher

Emma Jo Bowyer

Primary Classroom Teacher

Joshua David Evans

Primary Classroom Teacher

Luke Andrew Cooper

Primary Classroom Teacher

Megan Evans

Primary Classroom Teacher

Jemma Faye Johnston

Classroom Teacher - Year 1

Sara Ali

Classroom Teacher - Year 2

Ammara Bhayat

Primary Classroom Teacher - Year 3

Halemah Khanem Hoque

Classroom Teacher - Year 4

Rebecca McBride

Classroom Teacher - Year 4

Anne Marie White

Primary Classroom Teacher - Year 5

Ciara Lois Brown

Primary Classroom Teacher - Year 5

Jack James Knox

Primary Classroom Teacher - Year 6

Ana Gomez

Secondary Spanish Teacher

Jack Mcquire

Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum & Academic Outcomes

Jack Mcguire

Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum & Academic Outcomes

Stacy May Broome

Secondary Science Teacher

Mohamed Abdul-Hye

Secondary Humanities Teacher

Calum Christopher Woodhead

Secondary ICT Teacher

David Edward Lack

Secondary Science Teacher

Hayley Elizabeth Roche

Secondary Business Teacher

Mikail Adil Shaikh

Secondary Science Teacher

Niamh Maria Hanna

Secondary English Teacher

Omar Bakr Hassan Ali Elfallah

Secondary Arabic Teacher

Rebecca Campbell

Sec. History Teacher

Ayan Mohamoud Abdi

Assistant Head Teacher- Pastoral and Well-being

Dominic Donald Johnson

Secondary English Teacher / SL

Nasheik Shakur Nembhard

Secondary English Teacher

Niamh Noreen Fegan

Secondary Design Technology Teacher

Sarah Medhat Ismail

Science Technician

Aslihan Ersoy

Secondary Mathematics Teacher / Subject Leader of Maths

Derelle Fireyhs Goodison

Secondary PE Teacher

Shehata Mohammed

Assistant Head for Arabic and Islamic Studies

Mohamed Latif

Secondary Arabic Teacher / Subject Leader of Arabic

Rana Ahmed

Assistant Subject Leader: Arabic

Ahmed Ashour

Primary Arabic and Islamic Teacher

Laila Luque

Modern Foreign Language Teacher

Ana Gomez

Secondary Spanish Teacher

Alexander Banashko

Music Teacher

Paul Jackson

Design Technology & Art Technician

Renad Ghazi Jaber

School Counsellor

Shafiqah Hajat


Sara Saify

Career Education and Guidance Counsellor

Eloise Jane Smith

Assistant Head Teacher: Learning Support/English- Additional Language Teacher

Amina Shaikh

PE Teacher / Subject Leader of PE

Reegan Ball

EAL Coordinator

Annie Joy Gue

Finance Officer

Gener Manliclic

Desktop Support Technician

Maryam Naser

Marketing Coordinator

Tahani Ben Ali

MOE Coordinator / General Administrator

Suzette Zembrano

HR Officer

Ardee Reymonte

Procurement Officer

Van Antonio

Data Officer / General Administrator

Liecel Socobus Guillergan


Jiby Joseph


Zari Agopian

Office Manager

Roan Monteagudo Guera

Receptionist / General Admin

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