Welcome to Doha British School Al Wakra where we passionately believe in creating an atmosphere in which students can grow not only academically but also as individuals.

Whether you are considering joining us or are already a part of our community, we hope you can see our genuine care for learning and our drive for excellence in all areas of the school.

We want every student at DBS Al Wakra to be happy, confident and successful so that they can develop as healthy individuals and exceed their potential. We can promise you support, care, encouragement and respect as well as a really enjoyable and rewarding school.

This is a special place to study and learn with a strong tradition in Qatar for excellence both within and beyond the classroom. As part of Doha British Schools, we have an established reputation for strong academic performance as well as developing confident and well rounded individuals by making sure the curriculum is personalised to each student’s needs and is delivered by outstanding teachers.


The Secondary School curriculum at DBS Wakra focuses on supporting young, confident adults to reach their potential in line with our DBS Learner profile. Students should leave us prepared to face the challenges of life after school.

We create the right kind of learning environment so that our children are fully supported as they take on the challenges of becoming young adults.

Our focus on involvement outside the classroom alongside academic excellence aims to create the opportunity for students to become world changers in both their local and global communities.

Our courses are designed to meet the academic, personal and cultural needs of our students and better equip them for future challenges, while at the same time creating enjoyable learning environments that inspire and motivate.

Secondary School Age 11 - 18

Years 7, 8 and 9

(Years 7, 8 and 9)

Courses in, Art, Music, Design Technology, ICT, PE, History and Geography are compulsory at Key Stage 3, along with the core subjects of Maths, English and Science that they will continue up to age 16. They will also study Arabic or Spanish. This extensive curriculum is taught by highly qualified specialist teachers who make full use of the school’s specialist facilities.

Individual mentoring is provided to students by their personal tutors. There is a structured programme of trips and visits, including camps, that form an important part of the curriculum. These opportunities outside the classroom are designed to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, environmental awareness, independent learning and time management skills.

As they progress through Key Stage 3, students become self-motivated, independent and enquiring learners and ready to take on the challenge of IGCSE courses.

Years 10 and 11

(Years 10 and 11)

In Years 10 and 11, all students follow IGCSE courses in English Language and Literature or English as an Additional Language, Mathematics, Science and Arabic or Spanish. In addition students choose a range of subjects suited to their individual aspirations and abilities. There is a detailed guide to the courses available and advice provided by senior teachers in helping students make the best decision.