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November 10, 2021
Our Call To Earth Students Video on CNN Website

During November 2021 CNN reached out to various schools and organisations to bring sustainability and reducing harm to our environment at the forefront of their agenda especially as the world leaders are realising how important it is to act now to save our planet. Many schools and organisations were invited to share their ideas via #CalltoEarth on November 10, 2021. The students of Doha British School Wakra worked very well to create a video to highlight tangible ways in which we as individuals can reduce our wastage of resources.


The main students who were involved in the making of the video were Maya, Ziad, Rifqy, Insia and Nabil from Year11. Tina from year 9. Tricia and Shaurya from year 8, Tom and Arfan from year 7. DBS Wakra were the only school from Qatar to be included on CNN world events and this shows great pride. Well done to the DBS Wakra EcoSchools team!

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