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March 18, 2024
Yearbook 2023/24 ‘Cover Design Competition

DBS students from all campuses and of all ages are invited to submit entries for the Yearbook 2023/24 ‘Cover Design Competition’. The winning entry will be published as the front cover.
Theme – ‘Shaping Futures and Building Dreams at Doha British School’



Creative Conceptualisation:

The extent to which the poster demonstrates innovative thinking and originality in its design and presentation.
Creativity in the use of visual elements, layout, and overall aesthetic appeal.


Clarity of Idea Communication:

How effectively the idea or message of the poster is communicated to the audience.
Clear and concise presentation of information, ensuring easy understanding.


Quality of Final Work:

The overall attention to detail evident in the finished poster.
Technical proficiency in design elements, resolution, colour usage, and quality

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