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October 29, 2022
Doha British School Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Carnival

On Saturday 29th October 2022, Doha British School hosted a carnival as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. This event was held at the DBS Ain Khaled campus and included students, parents and other community members from all three campuses, including DBS Wakra and the recently opened DBS Rawdat Al Hamama school.


Students and teachers performed musical pieces in order to entertain guests and sporting competitions throughout the day which offered opportunities for fun and enjoyment. In addition, parents from across the wider DBS family were provided with the opportunity to participate as vendors at the event, selling their homemade goods to those who were able to attend. Student leaders from across the cluster also acted as ambassadors at the carnival, showcasing the high standards of conduct which can be seen daily in all schools.


We are incredibly proud of our wonderful DBS community and as much as we look back at the previous 25 years of outstanding success, we also look forward to the next quarter century of being one of the most prestigious and prominent clusters of schools across the region. All three DBS campuses not only celebrate annual academic excellence but also actively promote both 21st century character development skills and the values of the great State Of Qatar which all teachers and leaders are always proud to serve.


About Doha British Schools
Established in 1997, DBS is a dynamic family of British international schools with over 2,500 students spread over campuses in Ain Khaled, Al Wakra and Rawdat Al Hamama.


DBS is accredited by the Council of International Schools, British Schools of the Middle East, Qatar National Schools Accreditation and British Schools Overseas (BSO). To learn more about DBS, visit www.dohabritishschool.com  


A Member of ACES
DBS is a member of Artan Consulting and Educational Services (ACES), a private Education group which owns, manages, and operates educational institutions in Qatar with the objective of fostering academic innovation and excellence. To learn more about ACES, visit their website at www.aces.qa


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