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Model United Nations

  • Model United Nations (MUN) is the simulation of activities of the United Nations. Security Council, General Assembly and its commissions are usually present in all MUN conferences. It is a “learning by doing” method of studying the UN. Participants of MUN assume the roles of representatives of member states.


    MUN began as early as 1923 with simulated sessions of the then “League of Nations”. MUN is held in many countries of the world. Each year about 60,000 secondary and university students participate in MUN worldwide. Each program is run independently, but maintains similar goals, to increase international understanding and develop the art of peaceful negotiations.


    MUN is a programme for students to learn about international relations, public speaking, international law and debate. Delegates are developing a response to global competitiveness in the field of knowledge based economies, humanitarian issues along with many other real world situations that we are currently living in.

"MUN does not only open your eyes to the issues that are both evident and hidden in our world, but also allows you to develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, research techniques and social interactions, skills necessary throughout life."

Mohamed Faiz Mahmood

President, MUN DBS

"In a time when students are often told not to voice their opinions in school, MUN allows students to discuss their views, participate in discussions, and develop solutions to various political and social issues prevalent around the globe."

Elina Kalmouni

Co - President, MUN DBS

  • For the past 3 years, DBS MUN have attended several MUN conferences in Qatar and abroad; including Doha College MUN, Mesaieed MUN, the Qatar Leadership Conference run by THIMUN and the prestigious THIMUN Qatar MUN Conference – the largest MUN conference held in the Middle East. In 2018, we also travelled to New York to participate in the CWMUN conference, where delegates from DBS discussed pressing issues and even listened to a speech held by Bill Clinton. We hope that we can attend many more international conferences in the future, post COVID.


    During COVID, our MUN ECA was moved online due to restrictions on attending large gatherings in school. Despite a drop in attendance, we were able to continue our debates and training sessions for conferences which were also online, equipping young students to debate modern issues. We look forward to holding our sessions in person and online this academic year and can’t wait to get things up and running again.

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