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Head of Sixth Form Welcome

Welcome to the sixth form admissions area of the secondary school. This encompasses Years 12 and 13 and we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme of study, International AS and A Levels, BTEC.


Whilst the IB is an academically demanding course, our students achieve great success on this programme and attend a range of universities around the world, including the UK, USA and Canada.

Ruth Battersby
Sixth Form Leader and IB Coordinator

Welcome Message

As Sixth Form Leader, I ensure that the diverse needs of our students are put first. It is important to me that our Sixth Form adopts an inclusive environment where students value every voice and strive to make a difference. At KS5, we offer four different pathways; the International Baccalaureate, International AS and A-Level and BTEC. These programmes are taught by outstanding subject specialists and designed to challenge and drive you forwards. Our large Sixth Form team also consists of supportive pastoral tutors and careers guidance to assist the process of University applications. I welcome you to your next chapter where you will graduate worldwise and become a lifelong learner.

We offer IB at two levels: diploma and course.


In addition to the IB Diploma, we also offer a number of International AS Level courses.


Our Sixth Form students enjoy a purpose built Sixth Form, with common room, canteen and a dedicated career and study centre, which further enhances the quality of provision at this level.


IB and Diploma Course


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is an internationally respected and recognised qualification. Success in the IB will ensure access to good universities throughout the world.


What is special about the IB?


The IB Diploma makes sure that students do not specialise before they go to university. This means that students study six subjects, three at standard level and three at higher level. Students must choose a range of subjects to encourage breadth as well as depth across the curriculum.


Subjects available: English Language and Literature, Maths – Analysis and Approaches, Maths – Applications and Interpretations, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental and Social Sciences, Arabic, French A & B, Spanish A & B, Geography, History, Business Management, Information and Global Systems, Economics, Design technology, and Visual Art.

  • 5 IGCSEs (or their equivalent) at grades 9 – 6 (including Maths and English)
  • 5s in subjects chosen to study at Higher Level
  • 8/9 required for Higher Level Maths
For more information on the IB diploma and course at DBS please refer to the School Prospectus

International AS and A Levels


Doha British School offers subjects that are aimed at providing a breadth of study to learners.


Subjects available: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Psychology, Business Studies, ICT, Arabic, PE and Music


The subjects are recognised by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as fulfilling their attestation and equivalency requirements for a student’s 12th year of education. A student would need passes in a minimum of 3 AS or A subjects.

  • 5 IGCSEs (or their equivalent) at grades 9 – 5 (including Maths and English)
  • 5s grade or higher in the subject to be studied
  • Average attendance of 95% over the academic year
For more information on International AS and A Levels at DBS please refer to the School Prospectus



BTEC is a vocational qualification. Today’s employers are looking for confident, work-ready employees who have practical knowledge and technical skills that are taught when studying a BTEC. With BTEC, students can take the subject Level 3 Business.

  • 5 IGCSEs (or their equivalent) at grades 9 – 4 (including Maths and English), for subjects with the new 9 – 1 grading system a 5 or better is required
  • 5s grade or higher in the subject to be studied
  • Average attendance of 95% over the academic year
For more information on the BTEC at DBS please refer to the School Prospectus.


All Sixth Form students are offered university and career guidance during their course. They receive information on how to apply to a variety of international universities, and will have the opportunity to meet university representatives both in school and at different fairs around Doha.


Many universities require AS students to complete a foundation year of study before beginning an undergraduate degree, and since admission deadlines fall between January and March, a lot of time is spent in Term 1 preparing students for the application process.


For more information Download the DBS Sixth Form Prospectus

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