Doha British School Wins Eco-Schools’ Green Flag Award

Doha British School Wins Eco-Schools’ Green Flag Award

Doha British School Ain Khaled are pleased to celebrate receiving the Eco-Schools’ ‘Green Flag’ award from the Earthna Centre for a Sustainable Future. Earthna is an organisation which represents the largest global sustainable school programme in Qatar.


It is an honour to be awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award as it is internationally recognised and demonstrates an appreciation of the school’s commitment to both becoming more sustainable and educating its students about sustainability.  The student-led committee has helped facilitate events and opportunities that explore solutions to environmental challenges. The initiatives focused on Reducing Waste and Litter, Reducing Energy Use and Increasing Biodiversity. Students have audited where environment and sustainability is taught across the curriculum, resulting in discussions and improvements across all subjects, ensuring that there were opportunities for rich discussions surrounding awareness of the global environmental issues faced and environmental literacy.

  • The Ecocode

    The Ecocode represents the DBS community – The Eco-schools committee have kept the mascot as it resonates with people and tied it to the values of the programme. With a green color theme and slogans like “if you can’t reuse it, refuse it”. It also links to all 3 of our themes – Waste, Biodiversity and Energy

  • Qatar Sustainability Week
    Beach Clean Up

    We took part in Qatar Sustainability Week and arranged a Beach Clean Up.


    We wanted to ensure that we were protecting our environment and we learnt so much about how litter can affect marine life. A member from the DEAP association came to teach us about the importance of our actions when it comes to the environment. We learnt so many incredible and eye opening facts and stats

  • Qatar Sustainability Week
    National campaign

    Qatar Sustainability Week is a national campaign that aims to engage the community in a wide range of sustainability related activities to achieve the global sustainability goals outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030. These activities can be large scale projects or simple individual tasks that will contribute to the goal. 

  • ExtracurricularActivities
    Ecoschools ECA

    DBS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to attend during after school hours. Ecoschools ECA is one of them – where students can help contribute to the committees efforts, learn and make an impact. Our ECAs for this term resume on the 29th of January, and the ECA will take place every Sunday from 1:45-2:30 pm. This ensures all secondary students have a chance to get involved.

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