Sports at DBS


  • DBS believes that preparation for a life of healthy, physical activity is an inherent part of a good education. All children need to be active and fit and our physical education and sports program is designed to challenge each child to reach his or her personal best.


    Through a combination of basic skill development, exposure to a wide variety of athletic activities, and participation in both non-competitive and competitive games, DBS students are afforded the opportunity to develop their physical strength and skill to the best of their individual ability. Whether mastering the art of skipping in Reception or shooting 3 pointers in Year 13, all students have an opportunity to become confident in their own physical ability and comfortable as part of the team.


    Our school successfully competes in several sporting events. Training sessions equip students to compete in leagues against other schools and clubs in the following sports:


    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Track and Field
    • Cross-Country Running
    • Swimming
    • Volleyball

By the time students leave DBS, they find they have learned the skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate in the sports of their choice in later life.

At Key Stage 4 GCSE Physical Education is offered through the Edexcel Exam board. Students receive a well-rounded and full introduction to the world of PE, sport and sport science by developing an understanding of how the mind and body works in relation to performance in physical activity


At Sixth Form AS Physical Education is also offered through the Edexcel Exam board. Students further develop their understanding of how the mind and body works in relation to performance in physical sport whilst also engaging them with key issues and themes relating to contemporary global influences on physical education.


Across the 3 schools, students have a 2 hours of Curriculum Physical Education a week in all three Terms of the school year.In sports fixtures and tournaments throughout the year we compete in the Qatar Private Primary Schools Sports Association (QPPSSA) at a Primary level and in Qatar United English Speaking Schools (QUESS) sports leagues in the Secondary.

  • Last year alone the Primary School competed in over 20 tournaments and the Secondary school in more than 10 tournaments and 40 league fixtures across a multitude of sports.

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