Role Models and Ambassadors

Student Leadership

  • Primary Student Council

    At DBS, we feel it is crucial for all children to have an opportunity to voice their opinions and feelings regarding issues at their school. In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, each class nominates their chosen representative to become a Junior Leadership Team member. Meetings are held weekly to discuss issues and bring about positive improvement and change. In addition to the school council, other positions of responsibility include Head Boy and Head Girl (Year 6), Vice Head Pupils (Year 6) and Library Prefects. All student leaders are positive role models and ambassadors for DBS, showing enthusiasm and commitment for school initiatives and events.

  • Secondary Student Council

    At DBS, learners have opportunities to develop leadership skills in the Secondary School by being part of the Student Council. We believe in the principles of democracy and in the importance of learner participation in the running of school affairs and school reform. The DBS Student Council make a very real and positive difference to the life of our school. Their voice is heard and we work together to improve the school. Each year, the Student Council team is put to a democratic vote. Students have the opportunity to deliver their manifesto to the Year Group should they wish to be a member of the Student Council.

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