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July 27, 2021
DBS Transition: The Changing Years

By Kerry Walton and Katy Leighton (Assistant Heads of Secondary)


Transition is a huge part of any child’s education, whether it’s transitioning from preschool to reception, primary school to secondary school or secondary school to sixth form, the transition still generates the same type of feelings by the children. Nervousness, anxiety, excitement and uncertainty. The aim of transition is to welcome the students from one area of the school to another, to allow them to experience the lessons and culture of the school and to meet classmates and their teachers.


This year it has been slightly different to normal years, but the impact we hope is still the same. Year 6 students were able to spend a day in secondary school experiencing the timetable of a Year 7 student. They had a variety of lessons including, maths, science and DT. After speaking with the Year 6 students, what they enjoyed the most about the day was being able to walk around the school and see different classrooms!


Year 11 students will experience a transition week online; the transition to Year 12 can be a daunting experience. The curriculum changes from IGCSE to IAS or IB. The expectations of a year 12 student change, as does the teaching and learning. To prepare students for university, we need to make sure that they are independent learners. Year 11 students will receive 7 workshops, ranging from how to take notes, how to study and the expectations of a sixth form student. They will then experience an IAS or IB lesson, with a task to complete over the summer. This demonstrates to students how their lessons will be delivered and what they can expect from the teacher.

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