What's Happening at DBS

March 10, 2018
DBS on Al Jazeera

DBS students, Principal Mr McGuire and Director of Sports and Wider Learning Mr Bell, featured in an Al Jazeera news story about the first ever British International Schools Qatar Games (BISQ Games), held this weekend and last weekend at Aspire. The inspired idea for the Qatar Games came from DBS Principal, who had seen only a select few schools from Qatar being able to participate in the annual BSME Games. With the implementation of the blockade on Qatar, Mr McGuire asked Mr Bell to lead the organisation, with the assistance of other British curriculum schools in Qatar. The enthusiasm, support and assistance by the schools and venue operators Aspire Logistics has been outstanding; and schoolchildren in Qatar have benefitted from being able to participate in the largest ever sporting event in the incredible facilities at Aspire Dome


Check out the news story here!


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