What's Happening at DBS

April 25, 2019
Enhanced Curriculum to include IB, AS, A-Levels and BTECs

Doha British School is pleased to announce that we are enhancing our Post-16 provision to include a suite of Edexcel International A Levels, and a range of BTEC nationals. This development will ensure that together with our AS levels and IB Diploma, we can provide appropriate pre-university qualifications for our diverse and international community.

“DBS is the only school in Qatar that offers such a range of courses post-16. We are confident of our high standards, and our reputation for educational excellence can compare with schools anywhere in the world” says Terry McGuire, DBS Principal.

“We want our students to enjoy a first class experience that is available in Doha, so that families do not feel pressure to send their children abroad or back home to complete their education. Our post-16 portfolio of pre-university qualifications will provide all students in Qatar with an outstanding range of high-quality programmes that suit their individual aptitudes, abilities and aspirations.”

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