What's Happening at DBS

November 18, 2018
DBS students score Highest Marks in the World and Qatar!

Doha British School is delighted to announce that 4 Year 12 students have been awarded with two certificates for ‘Highest Mark in the World’ and seven ‘Highest Mark in Qatar’ from the ‘Outstanding Learner Award’ examinations.


Highest Mark in Qatar for History:
Muhammad Arsal Taimoor


Highest Mark in Qatar for GCSE Science (Double Award):
Saad Agboatwala


Highest Mark in Qatar for GCSE English Language:
Muhammad Arsal Taimoor


Special mention to Juanita Antony Joseph for the following awards:
Highest Mark in the World for GCSE DT and Graphics
Highest Mark in Qatar for GCSE Physics, English Literature, Computer Science and Spanish.


Congratulations to DBS incredible students, their parents and teachers! Amazing results achieved by amazing students. We are so proud of them.

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